March Basketball Pool Hosting for 2017

Pick your format, configure your pool, and we'll do the work for you

The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is arguably the most exciting time of the year for office pools or pools among family and friends. It seems everyone is talking about their brackets, who they picked to go to the Final Four, and who their "Cinderella" team is this year.

Many of you enjoy it so much, that you run your own March Madness Pools. It's a lot of fun ... and a lot of work. That's where comes in. Host your pool online with and put our pool management service to work for you.

Pool Features

Easy Setup

Your pool will be up and running in minutes, ready to invite members.

No Obligation

Take a test drive on us with no commitment.

Configuration Options

Lots of scoring and configuration options for the Administrator

Online Pick Sheets

No more collection pick sheets. Members make picks online.

Automatic Deadlines

Pick sheets are locked down just before a tournament tees off.

Real-time Updating

Standings and reports will be updated as events happen

Detailed Reporting

Pick summaries, tournament and year-to-date standings, and more

Private Message Board

Post your rules, trash talk, and communicate with other members

Tournament Pool Formats

Bracket Pools

Run your own Bracket Pool for the NCAA Tournament

This is the most popular NCAA Basketball Tournament pool and the reason March Madness is such a huge event.

  • Players completely fill out the NCAA brackets for the field of 64 teams, predicting the winner of every game.
  • Points are awarded for every game picked correctly, with the winner having the most total points.
  • Real-time reports include overall standings, possible outcomes, team-by-team advancement summaries, Final Four predictions, and more!
  • Configuration options include seed bonuses, points values per round, allowing multiple entries, 64-team or Sweet 16 format, creating custom member groupings, and more!

Survivor Pools

Survive and advance! Be the last player standing

Enjoy the NCAA tournament with a knockout pool. Survivor pools sound so simple ... but just like the tournament teams, you may be in for a quick exit!

  • Pool members choose one NCAA team each day (or round)
  • Each team can only be picked once throughout the tournament.
  • If they win, you move on. If they lose, you are eliminated. Last man standing wins.
  • Require your members to make one pick per day (10 days total) or one pick per round (6 rounds total)

Squares Pools

Declare a winner for every tournament game

Once their brackets are busted, how do you keep your pool members interested? Try our March Madness Squares format ... similar to the popular Super Bowl Squares format, but for every game of the NCAA Tournament.

  • Members reserve "squares" on a 10x10 grid by putting their name in the box.
  • Winners are based on the winning and losing scores of every NCAA Tournament game.
  • Reports show each individual winner and a count of how many times each pool member has won.
  • Configure your pool to start during any round of the tournament.

Pick X Pools

Find the right combination of power-house and Cinderella teams.

If you're looking for a simple, unique, and exciting March Madness pool format this year, our Pick X format is a great option.

  • Administrator's configure how many teams their members will pick (the 'X' in Pick X).
  • Players only pick that number of teams from the entire 64-team field.
  • Every time a selected team wins, the player is awarded the number of points equivalent to the team's seed number.
  • The same NCAA teams can be picked by more than one member.

March Madness Pool Format Suggestions

Have an idea for the next great NCAA Tournament pool format?

We are always looking to expand our NCAA Tournament pool offerings. If you have a suggestion for a format that might have a broad appeal, please let us know.