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    Soccer season never sleeps, as our RYP soccer experts never do either to get you the top picks and trends each day! Stay tuned as more soccer pools such as the Premier League and UEFA become available! 

    Premier League Free Picks & Trends

    The top league in the world is considered to be the Premier League. This league features England’s best clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    There are no Premier League matches scheduled for today.

    Ligue 1 Free Picks & Trends

    A top five league in the world is considered to be the French league, Ligue 1. This is a league that sees most of its dominance from PSG, although other clubs such as Lille, Lyon and Monaco compete as well.

    There are no Ligue 1 matches scheduled for today.

    Bundesliga Free Picks & Trends

    Germany’s top league is known as the Bundesliga league. Bundesliga is one of the five major soccer leagues in the world, but is typically dominated by Bayern Munich as one of the world’s best clubs.

    There are no Bundesliga matches scheduled for today.

    Serie A Free Picks & Trends

    Italy’s top league is known as Serie A, or Serie A TIM. Serie A is considered one of the top league’s in the world, and features clubs such as Inter Milan, Napoli, Juventus and AC Milan.

    There are no Serie A matches scheduled for today.

    La Liga Free Picks & Trends

    One of the best league’s in the world lies in La Liga, or better known as La Liga Santander. This league is the top in Spain and considered top five in the world. Clubs in La Liga include Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Bilbao.

    There are no La Liga matches scheduled for today.

    MLS Free Picks & Trends

    Despite it not being an elite league when compared to the world, the United States’ MLS has seen exceptional growth over the last few years. Major MLS clubs include the Seattle Sounders, New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC – as the league also incorporates Canadian cities as well.

    There are no MLS matches scheduled for today.

    Soccer FREE PICKS TRACKER (73-80-1) -575

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