NFL Divisional Pick'em Breakdown: You Did Very Poorly, Everybody

NFL Divisional Pick'em Breakdown: You Did Very Poorly, Everybody

But I've got some fantastic news, despite the public going 0-4

Nicky G
Nicky G

We live in a world of seemingly constant anger and discord.

Algorithms on social media reward disagreement, hate, and your general everyday bile-spewing. The country as a whole is becoming more and more divisive. Hell, you can't seem to get a cup of coffee in public without somebody giving somebody else a hard time.  

It's a rare feat — and treat — when critics, hardcore football fans, and casual sports watchers alike can come together to agree on any one thing, and it's even more surprisingly when that thing is generally and genuinely fun and joyous.

This weekend finally brought a moment of veritable world peace across the sports community.

A flash of glee.

So what singular thing am I saying brought us all together to join hands and sing kumbaya in one beauteous on-pitch chorus?

This fact:


Us, all weekend^ 

Let's take a look at the facts here.

Four out of four games were decided on the last play.

Three-game winning field goals and a bonkers back-and-forth fourth quarter that ended in a quality overtime experience. (Though yeah, change the rules, already!)

Add to that, two upsets of the top #1 seeds in the AFC and NFC and the smallest combined margin of victory in the history of the divisional round of the playoffs (15 points).

It was just... amazing. Almost mathematically impossible to match.

(One of the other dads in my kids' daycare said it best: "I think I fell back in love with the NFL this weekend. It's like we're dating again.")

Now the bad news. You knew it was coming.

What was not amazing, short of the Green Bay Packers' special teams (sorry Pack fans) and the Bills prevent secondary (also sorry Bills Mafia)... What was the only thing that could've made a great weekend even greater?

Our sitewide pickers' performance, who got every game dead-as-a-doornail wrong.

It was Colts-fans-assuring-me-they'd-make-the-playoffs incorrect. It was Rex-Ryan-at-a-buffet ugly.

Have a look at our sitewide NFL pick'em stats below.

Bills to win? Wrong.

Bucs to win? Wrong.

Titans to win? Wrong.

Packers to win? Wrong.

It's an odd tradeoff as both a pick'em player and football watcher: You want to be right, but you also want to watch a game that's somewhat exciting. Sometimes, you just have to accept the L in your pick'em league, so the rest of us can have the gift of what we watched last weekend.

So to all of you out there: Thank you for your... uh... sacrifice.

Because dear Lord what a weekend.

(Thankfully, there was a bright side in this showing: the average picker got at least one game right. So we're hoping that ultimately you all still had a good time watching football, and that at least some of you went against the public opinion on at least one of those amazing games yourself. )

(We can only hope that the next three weeks of football are anywhere near as exciting as what we just watched, and that the sports world comes together once more to agree: These were the best playoffs in the long-standing history of the NFL.)

One Small Order of Business

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Update From Last Week

We still haven't heard back from our Rudy Award winner.

Can somebody find him and give him the good/bad news?

We have a prize for him!

Alright, that's all this week RYP fans! Thanks for reading, now go out there and be kind to your fellow man.


Nicky G

Dad of 3. WVian by birth. ATX for now.