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Feeling beat up by this year's pick'em difficulty? We have some ideas for you for the last 4 weeks.

So You're Going to Lose Your NFL Pick'em Pool

How to Experiment With Your Apparently Terrible Pick'em Strategy When You Know You're Out of the Running

Nicky G
Nicky G

If the number on the right side of your NFL pick'em pool record is far, far greater than the left side, we have bad news for you, friend: You're probably out of the running.

Unless the other entrants in your pool are as horrible at picking NFL games as you have been this season, you're going to have to admit it to yourself at some point that you're not going to win your pool.

And for reasons that will become more apparent later in this post: the sooner you admit that, the better.

Let's dispense with the pick'em denial right now, shall we?

Say it with me:

I'm not going to win my pick'em pool and that's okay. I'm okay.

It doesn't mean all is lost.

In fact, there are still four whole weeks of NFL action left. That's plenty of time to try something new, something bold, something that could actually end in you beating your friends and/or coworkers next year.

Experiment with your pick strategy!

Below, we've included some new variants of pick'em tactics that you may want to consider for the remaining weeks of the season.

Now, let's talk strategy.

1) Fade yourself

This one's an old standby for yours truly.

Let's say you've got a terrible record, like 66-138 so far.  

Well, guess what? If you had picked the exact opposite of yourself this entire season, you'd be sitting pretty at an impressive 138-66. Hard to argue with those numbers!

2) Pick the Nicer-Looking Football Team

Humans are naturally superficial creatures. We judge people instantly by how they look. Put our inherently critical nature to good use! In this strategy, you'll use the literal eye test to select who you think'll win. Simply pick your football victors by whomever looks prettiest to you. Whether that's color scheme, logo, or uniform or some combination of the three is up to you!

3) Pick the Mascot Who Would Win IRL

Let's be honest, here. There are some animals and other mascots who would absolutely lose in a one-on-one fight. The Saints? Do you think St. Francis of Assisi would take on a literal bengal? No way. (You might scoff at that, but what do you know? You're 66-138!) Let Darwinian logic rule!

4) Pin The Picking On Somebody Else

Got a toddler? Make 'em earn their keep for once in their little lives!

Print out all the NFL team logos, show your little nugget a pair at a time and have them pick which team will win each week.

My eldest daughter, 3, is lately really hyped on the Colts for some reason. She's also 20-8.

Warning: There's a 50% chance your kids will have your pick'em genes.

Note: You can also use a dog.

5) The Good Ol' fashioned Coin Flip

When in doubt, ask Abe Lincoln. You can make it as simple as heads for home teams, tails for away. Or the opposite. In either case, you can remove the responsibility of picking from your back and rest them on the shoulders of giants: Our noble Founding Fathers.

(We recommend you select one and stick with it for the rest of the year.)

If you've got a different strategy, let us hear it!  Or at the very least, let us know how the rest of your season goes over on our Twitter at #gofadeyourself or by emailing us

Just remember, whatever you do... Don't trust your instincts.

They're the reason you're where you are right now.

Nicky G

Dad of 3. WVian by birth. ATX for now.