The RYP Sports Meme Roundup: 12/27-1/2

The RYP Sports Meme Roundup: 12/27-1/2

As expected... there was intrigue, drama, and even some next-level pettiness

Matt K
Matt K

I thought about pulling an Antonio Brown and giving up halfway through this article, but I'll be the bigger man and show everyone the best content from this last wild week in sports.

I should call her...

I know we're getting desperate across all sports with replacement players due to COVID, but Johnny Football? That's where Giants fans are at right now?

Two incredible quotes here. Mack Brown would do anything for his team!

The Cheez-It bath got minimized by the hilarity that was the Mayo Bath, but it was certainly a nice appetizer.

No I do not know what NFTs are and I do not plan to learn.

Former Buckeyes DB Marcus Williamson decided to go off on fans, college football recruiting, and the industry as a whole during the Rose Bowl. He’s not wrong with this one!

Was this game colder than SNF at Lambeau?

The weekly “Petty Award” goes to Arkansas football.

So let’s talk about Antonio Brown. Was this the craziest moment of the entire NFL season? Yes. Should you be surprised? Not even a little. This is the same man who will not stop farting on his doctor.

In my opinion, the best meme to come from the AB saga.

They didn’t even put Jalen Ramsey literally punching his own teammate in the face. What a Sunday!

And we’ll wrap up with a tribute to the late, great John Madden. Rest in peace.


Matt K

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