The RYP Sports Meme Roundup: 1/3-1/9

The RYP Sports Meme Roundup: 1/3-1/9

We had the first Week 18 in NFL history, plenty of NBA drama, and a devastating injury of a beloved reporter. Let's get into it!

Matt K
Matt K

Give this writer a Pulitzer immediately.

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts and lives in Boston, this statement is more out-of-pocket than him faking the Southern accent in the first place.

A thread for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven't watched I Think You Should Leave yet, you're missing out.

KPJ leaving a game, getting suspended, and coming back the next game with a game winner is the comeback story of the year.

That's a stroke, sir.

Everyone knows you need to stretch before you do The Griddy. C'mon, Adam!

The Grizzlies social media manager needs a raise. Scroll through their feed if you need a laugh.

I wish I could go back in time to before I saw this image. Nobody wants to see your foot, Aaron.

And the news today is showing that Judge is sticking around as the Giants head coach after running not one, but two straight QB sneaks from inside their own 10 yard line. Incredible.

We figured we'd group all of the Jags memes together. Shoutout to Carson Wentz for topping himself yet again!

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Matt K

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