The RYP Sharps: 2021 NFL Regular Season (With Bonus Worst Picker Award)

The RYP Sharps: 2021 NFL Regular Season (With Bonus Worst Picker Award)

Our of hundreds of thousands of players who did the best? We're here to tell you right now!

Nicky G
Nicky G

They came. They saw. They made some really good NFL picks.

And now, out of hundreds of thousands of players,  we're going to call these users out for astounding us with their NFL pick'em skills!

Let's break it down into the three categories of pick types:

No Spreads (AKA Straight-Up)

User Sammy Lutz is our boss-hog RYP Sharp, with an absolutely crazy record of 195-77 (.717) SU. Sammy's record beats our average site-wide NFL pick'em player, who has 154 wins, by 41 total games (or roughly 2+ weeks of perfect picks). The second-place honor is a tie at 193 wins between users Blitz and Chris Garrison. The rest of the top 10 land as follows:

Custom Commish Spreads

With commissioner-input spreads, which were spreads that pool administrators themselves entered, user ALJUSTWIN gave the best showing, going 174-98 (.640) overall. This user was three games ahead of user SlawDawg at 171-101 (.629) and a three-way tie for third at 170 wins for ASquared, Island Hackers, and Joel T.

Give it up for the the rest of the top 10 here!

Site Spreads

And finally, for those pool commissioners who wanted to make NFL pick'em just a tad more difficult for their members, we offered spreads provided by our friends at

The victor of playing on All-Madden mode: User Logs, who went a truly impressive 169-98 (.636), and beat our average ATS NFL pick'em player by 33 games in all.

Second place ATS went out to Stack, who finished just a game shy of the first-place Logs.

And finally, we had a tie for third with Budlightlizards and Eric Wechsler landing at 167 wins.

The rest of the top 10 shook out like this:

Bonus: The Worst Picker Award!

User JoannaT! Come on down! You're the worst picker on the whole dang site!

Granted, there were plenty of entrants who went 1-15 and then quit after week 1 or 2 — so we have to give it up for Joanna, who went 26-123 before throwing in the towel.

Next year, Joanna, we suggest picking the exact opposite of whatever your gut tells you and you're going to smoke these fools!

Ultimately, we kid because we love.

Joanna, if you see this please email us at or find us on Twitter and we'll send you some swag for being a great sport (and for making it about half the season before surrendering!)


Nicky G

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