The RYP Meme Roundup: 2/28-3/6
Those 33-year-old wings ain't cutting it this year Bron?

The RYP Meme Roundup: 2/28-3/6

Guys will sit around judging college-aged football players based on their 40-yard dash when they can barely touch their toes. (It's me, I'm "guys")

Matt K
Matt K

Oh it's real, and it's glorious. #WashedKing

I'll never go on record supporting anything a player from the Yankees does, so I'll just leave this here for all of you to decide if it's funny or not.

Real ones remember.

The word that day was "choke." (Got it in three tries, NBD)

Pain. Nothing but pain.

She's just like me!

There are no better memes than journalist memes.

Phil's heel turn has been a thing of beauty to watch.

Masterpiece. An absolute masterpiece.

There is no debate greater than the QB hand size debate. The entire sports community collectively dunking on a soon-to-be NFL quarterback for the size of his hands will forever be funny to me.

This is a personal attack.

Amari Cooper Kupp pays for itself.

I mean, they did need a vet like CJ to lift that team up!

Cowboys/Lakers/Yankees/Duke fans are in shambles after Coach K's last game.

Been there, Coach K.

Keep shooting for that play-in game, Sacramento.

You just can't do this to Big Baby. You can't.

You get it.

Have a great week, everyone.


Matt K

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