The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/31-2/6

The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/31-2/6

No football this week? I wasn't exactly sure what to do with my hands. And no, the Pro Bowl does not count.

Matt K
Matt K

I'd be interested in reading a research paper on what number beer the "I love you, bro" speeches start pouring out between friends. For me it's between 7 and 10.

Does he have any years of eligibility left?

I'm King Kong!

Torn between deciding if the league is in good hands or bad hands after seeing this. AI's mom did braid his hair during a game, so I'm leaning toward this being a good sign.

The lack of self-awareness here is actually inspiring. I would be the happiest person on the planet if my brain worked like this.

The best part about this is that a few Cleveland journalists/media outlets picked this up and thought it was true.

I think my high school career batting average was under .200 (I was a pitcher only, don't make fun of me) but I'm confident I could take Babe Ruth yard. Not even a question.

This is how NBA players would run if every game was on Cartoon Network.

We now know why Sam Presti has been hoarding all of these young players and draft picks.

Win or lose, Dame didn't run from the grind! Gotta respect it.

Death. Taxes. Harden forcing his way off a team that he's slightly unhappy on.

Not going to lie, I don't know what's going on with the lockout right now but I stand with the players!

Hey, it worked!

Have a great week, everyone.


Matt K

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