The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/17-1/23

The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/17-1/23

We've even included a checkpoint for you Packers fans.

Matt K
Matt K


That's it.

That's the header.

No, Arizona, just because you played last Monday doesn't mean we forgot about what you did. And, yes, I'm still mad because I drafted Kyler as my QB in the RYP Playoff Fantasy Contest that week.

“Chasing that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that. You can’t get no farewell tour. They don’t love you like that … You thought you was Kobe.” — Me.

I made that quote up.

Who had Wayne Gretzky with a blowout on their 2022 bingo card?

Poor Matt Cassel. He was probably casually taking a stroll through social media and then saw himself get flamed by arguably his best receiver. Tough life.

How is Zac Taylor's mug not plastered in every bar in Cincinnati?

We'll always acknowledge the time and dedication it takes to memorize and recreate something like this. Good on her.

Grayson Allen For Prison 2022!

I can't tell if the Bengals winning that game with the lack of offensive line production is a positive for Burrow and the Bengals or a huge knock on the Titans.

Leaning toward a knock on the Titans.

Nobody makes Tom Brady bleed his own blood! Nobody!

I don't think the Rams would have been able to live that game down if they didn't pull off the win. The city of LA surely wouldn't have cared though.

How do you get routed so bad it looks like the receiver pushes you?

*****This is a Packers fan checkpoint. ****

Please do not scroll down if you root for the green and yellow because this next section contains nothing but Aaron Rodgers slander.

Have a great week, everyone.


Matt K

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