The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/24-1/30

The RYP Meme Roundup: 1/24-1/30

We say goodbye (maybe) to Tom Brady, baseball writers continue to be baseball writers, and Championship Sunday lives up to the hype.

Matt K
Matt K

Put Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame. Next topic!

My name? Ron Clayton. Yup, Ron Clayton.

They say the NBA ages you, but man... does Ayo look terrible here.

Still don’t understand what an NFT is, still not planning on learning.

The second greatest athlete DM/accidental tweet of all time. I’ll let you figure out what the first one is while I’m switching back and forth figuring out which tweets to put in this article.

The internet is sick over Eli Apple in the Super Bowl.

However, this still holds up.

Hey, I didn’t say it. You did.

Do you think Macklemore even shows this Grammy? I’d hide it in an attic like it was a haunted doll. Bad juju.

This is the exact opposite of the 49ers-Cowboys playoff game this year. Who thought this combo was a good idea?

I’m not going to admit I’ve been in this exact situation, but let’s say this is incredibly familiar to me.

Tom “Super Gremlin” Brady.

And here’s the dump from both of the playoff games. Have a great week, everyone.


Matt K

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