The Pick-5 500

2 Weeks Remain For Our Pick-5 500 (With A Chance At $500K On The Line)

The crowd of thousands of NFL pick'em players has thinned to about 250 people

Nicky G
Nicky G

We started our NFL Pick-5 500 public pick’em pool at the beginning of this football season with thousands of entries and after a grueling season on the gridiron, now it’s down to the final weeks.

The drama has dialed up to Antonio Brown levels, baby!

Only, this is a good kind of drama. Like Rudy or Remember the Titans or that other football movie with the guy from Dawson’s Creek.

Anyway, our first-place regular season picker is guaranteed to walk away with $5,000, with second place getting a cushy 3-night stay in Vegas courtesy of our buds at MGM. The best part of all? The top 25 pickers will enter into our playoff competition with a chance at $500,000.

How will they do that?

They’ll just have to pick the winners of each playoff game and the Super Bowl against the spread.

That’s it.

With two more weeks of NFL action, we currently have roughly 250 contestants within sniping distance, so stay tuned to this spot next week for the update!

(Oh, and if you’re wondering why you’re just now hearing about this: We reached out. Like, several times. Check your emails from us more often! We’ll be running public contests all year long, across multiple sports and game types.)

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