NFL Survivor Pools – Site-wide Pick Distribution for 2018

This report shows the current pick distribution for ALL active NFL Survivor Pools we host. Many people find this information useful when making their survivor pick, however the pick percentages listed below may not be indicative of your survivor football pool.

Pick Opponent Pick Percentage
New Orleans Philadelphia 24.09%
Los Angeles Denver 13.53%
Pittsburgh @Jacksonville 12.74%
Arizona Oakland 10.91%
Carolina @Detroit 10.37%
Atlanta Dallas 7.40%
Baltimore Cincinnati 4.27%
New York Tampa Bay 3.40%
Indianapolis Tennessee 1.70%
Seattle Green Bay 1.42%
Oakland @Arizona 1.42%
Houston @Washington 1.38%
Tennessee @Indianapolis 1.16%
Los Angeles Kansas City 1.08%
Tampa Bay @New York 1.04%
Washington Houston 0.84%
Minnesota @Chicago 0.78%
Green Bay @Seattle 0.73%
Chicago Minnesota 0.39%
Jacksonville Pittsburgh 0.38%
Cincinnati @Baltimore 0.24%
Detroit Carolina 0.18%
Philadelphia @New Orleans 0.18%
Denver @Los Angeles 0.15%
Dallas @Atlanta 0.14%
Kansas City @Los Angeles 0.08%

% Eliminated this Week: 0.73%