Run your PGA Golf
Pool with us!

Pick your format, configure your pool, and we'll do the work for you

Pool Features

Easy Setup

Your pool will be up and running in minutes, ready to invite members.

No Obligation

Take a test drive on us with no commitment.

Configuration Options

Lots of scoring and configuration options for the Administrator

Online Pick Sheets

No more collection pick sheets. Members make picks online.

Automatic Deadlines

Pick sheets are locked down just before a tournament tees off.

Real-time Updating

Standings and reports will be updated as events happen

Detailed Reporting

Pick summaries, tournament and year-to-date standings, and more

Private Message Board

Post your rules, trash talk, and communicate with other members

Golf Pool Formats

Major Championship Golf Pools

Create your own pool for the Major Championships

Now you can enjoy the excitement of the Major Championships with your own pool for your family, friends, or business promotion.

  • Select any or all of the Majors to include in your pool.
  • Members create a different roster of six players for each of the Majors.
  • Standings are calculated for each Major and aggregated for the whole season.
  • Configure your pool to suit your needs. Options include tournament selection, repicking golfers, dropping worst picks, finishing position bonuses, and more!

Weekly Pick One Golf Pools

Who will win the week? and the season?

This one is all about which golfers play well at which tournaments ... and which of your pool members does the best job figuring it out.

  • Select one golfer before each tournament (as selected by the Pool Administrator).
  • Members can only pick a specific golfer once per season.
  • Members earn the winnings and FedEx points for the golfer they selected, which are accumulated over the course of the season.
  • Select the tournaments you want to include, allow multiple entries, select automatic pick options for missed picks, and more!

Golf Format Suggestions

Have the next great golf pool format?

We are always looking to expand our golf pool offerings. If you have a suggestion for a format that might have a broad appeal, please let us know.