Run a Major Championship Golf Pool

For golf fans, the Major Championships (The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship) are the most exciting weeks of the PGA Tour season. You don't have to be a golf nut to enjoy our PGA Golf Majors pools, though. Whether you're planning a small pool for family or friends or a large corporate promotion, we'll make running your pool online a snap!

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Game Overview

How do Major Championship Golf Pools Work on RYP?

  • Picks are made for any/all of the major tournaments:
    • The Players Championship (the unofficial "fifth major")
    • The Masters
    • The PGA Championship
    • The U.S. Open Championship
    • The (British) Open Championship
  • For each major tournament you include in your pool, members select six golfers. These six golfers make up their Player Roster for that tournament. By default, once members pick a golfer, they can't be picked again for a future tournament which adds to the strategy (configurable).
  • The goal is to be the member whose roster performs the best, cumulatively, as a team using either strokes or winnings (configurable).
  • For stroke play, any PGA Player who does not make the cut will be given the highest score of Round 3 and Round 4, respectively.
  • Performance is tracked for each Major individually, but also in aggregate for all the Major Championships.

Pick and Scoring Options

What options do i have to configure my pool?

Pool commissioners can choose between two pick sheet options for their pool:

  • Tiered Pick Sheet - We divide the golfers in the tournament field into six (6) tiers or flights, based on their odds to win the tournament. Each pool member chooses one golfer from each of the six tiers.

  • Salary Cap Pick Sheet - Each golfer will have a salary assigned to them based on their odds to win the tournament. Participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap they must stay under in order to create their 6-player roster.

In addition to the picks sheet option, administrators also have several other pool setting options available to them:

  • Dropping worst picks - Administrators have the option to exclude everyone's worst golfer (or golfers) from the scoring system
  • Finishing position bonuses - Administrators can optionally create custom bonuses (i.e., subtracting strokes) for members picking golfers who in end up in top finishing positions.
  • Repicking players - Pools can be set up to allow golfers to be picked again in subsequent tournaments or to limit pool members to picking a golfer only once per season.