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Your people already love sports. Use that passion to your benefit with a custom pool.

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Customer Engagement


Gather valuable customer information like emails, phone numbers and more.


Keep your business top of mind by having your logo and colors featured on your custom pool.

Foot Traffic

Geo-fence your pool and get customers in your establishment by only allowing in-person sign-ups!

Employee Engagement


Drive cooler talk all year long by having sports and pop culture pools for every season.


Studies show that teams that play games together have improved team work and communication.


Offer prizes and other incentives to drive some friendly competition.


Leverage the power of sports, competition and camaraderie.

Not Your Average Cooler Talk

Unlike most team-building activities, most of our pools provide several weeks of fun (and competitive) discussion!

Custom Branded

Keep your brand front and center by adding your logo and colors! Upgrade to Enterprise for a custom landing page and URL.

Everybody Loves Prizes

We intimately know the legal considerations around giveaways! Use swag, trophies, and more to engage your players.

What brands are saying about RunYourPool

More than 3 out of every 4 people in the United States are fans of at least one sport! Millions of people every year play pools with their friends and family and in this climate, there isn't much else that people agree on so conclusively.

Whether football, baseball or NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, with RunYourPool you can energize your work community through the help of a little friendly pool competition!

"The user interface for RunYourPool is amazing. The access to the data and being able to Downloads everyone's email was great!"

Laurel Buchanan The Gist Sports

"In an office setting, where you might have nothing in common with some of your coworkers but they are in the pool with you it gives me something to talk about with them which makes it easier to bridge the gap"

Kiernan Doyle Prescient Co.


RYP is the premier sports pool hosting service. We help you leverage the power of sports to increase connection and camaraderie through competition.
We believe community-building can only be as powerful as its inclusivity! That's why we made our app and mobile-friendly website streamlined for ease of use! So from tech expert to the "technologically disinclined," everybody you invite can have a great time!
No, it doesn't hurt to be a fan yourself, but if you feel out of your depth, our default rules and settings work great as-is (and our invitation process takes about 5 minutes at most).
Yes, office pools are legal as long as you don't charge your employees to enter. You can play for fun or even offer swag or other prizes to the winner! (Please reach out to us regarding more specific information on your country or state's legal requirements).
There's no company too big! Some of our larger pools range upwards of 5-figures for users. We built our site with scalability in mind.
Simply provide your email above and we'll reach out personally to talk to you about your needs, comfort level, and employee engagement goals.

Have a question we didn't cover? Contact Us and we're happy to help out!

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