MLB Baseball Pools

Baseball Pools for 2017

The easiest way to run your pool this Baseball Season!

Once March Madness ends, are you looking for a new pool to run for the summer, until the the NFL returns in the Fall? If so, consider running a Pro Baseball pool with this year.
While America's past time isn't traditionally associated with office pools, currently offers two great baseball pool formats to choose from. No matter which one you pick, we're positive we can simplify the process of running and baseball pool for your family, friends, or office colleagues.
Types of Baseball Pools
Major League Baseball Suicide Pools
Looking for a simple, yet interesting format to run a baseball pool this year? If so, a 13-Run Baseball pool might be the ticket. Think of it as Baseball Bingo, where the goal is to be the first member to punch all the runs on your ticket, from zero up to 13. Enter your own teams assignments from an offline draft or have us randomly assign each member a team.

It's time to select the league's biggest sluggers. Pick your roster made up of active and reserve players. You can adjust your active players each week, if you choose. The goal is to be the member with the most home runs.

Also known as Last Man Standing, Eliminator, or Suicide pools, the goal is to outpick other pool members each week by picking a team that wins most of it's games. Can you survive, advance, and be the last man standing in your pool?

Also known as Grid pools, Box pools, or Block pools, you might recognize this from its popularity for the Super Bowl, but we offer it for any series of games in the MLB postseason, including the World Series. Pool members reserve "squares" online on a 10x10 grid by putting their name in the square.

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