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NCAA Team Assignments (Sample)

Assign NCAA teams to your members pool entries for this year. You can assign them manually, or use the 'Assign Random Teams' button below.

Member Name Entry Name NCAA Team Assignment
Ethan Ward Halifax Hurricanes
Johnny Apple Three the Hard Way
Matt Adams Welcome Back Korver
Jeff Leigh Kwazulu Marlins
Mark Bloom Queen City Expres
Candace Scott San Diego Sails
Charles Rainey The Knickerbockers
Nicole Hampton The Crossovers
Bill Reavis We Get Buckets
John Smith Guest Entry #51
Sally Johnson Sally's Fighters
John Smith The Sea Dogs
John Smith Fighting Cardinals
Harry Scott War Eagles
Chris Smith Black Cobras
Ted Johnson Got it Done

* The Assign Random Teams button will only assign teams for entries that don't have one assigned. Make sure to click 'Save' after initiating the assignments.