What is Splash?
and why is it all over the RunYourPool site?


Here's what some of our other customers have said:
"We've run both a March Madness and a Football Pool through RunYourPool.com. It's easy to set-up and easy for the players to use (with over 1000 players, that was very important to us). But what I was most impressed with compared to other sites we have used, is the quick response we received if we had any questions or concerns. Top notch service."
Panama Jack, Program Director
WGLX Radio
Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
"The amount of time I saved using RunYourPool.com made the service worth every penny. I ran my NCAA basketball pool and my NFL pool with RunYourPool.com this year, and both went off without a hitch ... something that's never happened before! Great customer service, too. I would highly recommend RunYourPool.com to anyone who is tired of running their pool by hand."
Steve Jordan
Tampa, FL
"Not only is the staff of RunYourPool.com great to work with and receptive of feedback, but unlike the free sites, you can get your pool set up months in advance. This is a great marketing tool for those of us that want a lot of people playing as we can get players signed up well in advance of when the free sites can."
Matthew Baizer
Danville, CA
All my players think this is a great website. It has made running this pool a lot easier for me ... and I don't even like football. I have run it for years for my husband and friends. What a headache it has been until now. I wish I would have thought of this website. Thanks for a good job.
Lisa Kirros
Orange County, CA
"After only one night of NFL FOOTBALL, I'm getting many emails today talking about how much my members love your NFL Confidence Pool and the way you have everything set up. It is an AWESOME POOL. "
John Bigos
Palmer, MA
"I would like to inform you that after playing the first week [of the NFL season] with RunYourPool.com that I, and other members of the pool, are very impressed with your website . The website is easy to use, convenient, speedy, and very well designed. Making life much easier for me. I could of chosen other websites for free or at a lower price, but the quality of your website is well worth the money I am paying for it. So I want to thank you for your great services and you have a customer for many years to come."
Tom Carrubba
Brooklyn, NY
"Your product was great. All my friends and family really enjoyed using it and will definitely use it again next year."
Donna Richardson
Houston, TX
"This was great. Saved me hours of work on Excel. Thanks!"
Michael DeStefano
Poughkeepsie, NY
"We have always done our pool by hand and it was very time consuming. We tried a free pool hosting a few years ago with very disappointing results. The site was overloaded at the last minute and people could not get their picks in, so we have been hesitant to try again. This was a very pleasant experience and very enjoyable, especially for the pool commissioner! We have learned that you really do get what you pay for!"
Brian Skyles
Minneapolis, MN