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Marketing & Promotion

Corporate Clients

Our pool hosting services are perfect for companies looking to keep their affiliates engaged or show appreciation to their client-base.

Here are some examples of how customers use our service for their corporate clients:

Restaurants & Bars

The food service industry often relies on their "regulars" as the lifeblood of their business. Our sports pools are a great way to keep customers engaged and coming back to your establishment. For more information on how we can help increase sales at your restauarant or bar, including functionality to require your customers to be at your establishment to participate, please see our Restaurants & Bars page

Radio Stations

We have many radio stations that run promotions around pools they run for their listening audience, regardless of the size of their audience. These stations run all types of pools for their listeners, from NFL Survivor pools to March Madness Bracket pools. Whatever sport your listening audience follows, we have a pool format to help keep them engaged.