NHL Power Ranking Playoff Pools for 2024

Simple enough for anyone to play ... challenging enough for the most die-hard hockey fans.

Whether your regular season office football pool has ended or you're looking for a different pool format for the post-season, our NHL Power Ranking Playoff pool is a great option.

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NHL Hockey Playoff Pool Power Ranking

What is a Playoff Power Ranking Pool?

Sports fans are familiar with the term "Power Rankings". It refers to a listing of teams from strongest to weakest, whether based on statistics, perception, or a combination of the two. This NHL playoff pool format is based on the concept of ranking all the NHL playoff teams:

  • Pool members rank all 16 NHL teams competing in the NHL Playoffs from strongest (16 points) to weakest (1 point)
  • Members are awarded the number of points assigned to an NHL team when that team wins
  • Administrator's can configure their own progressive point system, by setting up a point multiplier for each playoff round (see Scoring Options section below)

Playoff Pool Report Samples

The following samples are just a few of the reports you'll see for your pool. Click to view more detailed samples:

Leaderboard Report
Pick Sheet
Member Picks Report

Scoring Options

Administrators, when setting up their pool, may choose to keep their scoring system simple or create a custom scoring matrix.

Option #1 - Simple Scoring

With this option, a member will receive the number of points assigned to a team each time that team wins. A winning team is awarded that number of points regardless of which playoff round the win comes in.

Option #2 - Custom Scoring

With this option, Administrator's can create a custom multiplier for each round of the playoffs. A member will receive the number of points assigned to a team TIMES the multiplier assigned for that round.

Round Multiplier
First Round 10
Second Round 12
Conference Finals 14
Stanley Cup Final 15

Example: The Administrator point multipliers are shown to the left and his pool's scoring matrix is to the right.

In this custom scoring example, if pool member assigns 9 points to the Boston Bruins, the member is awarded 108 points when the Bruins win a game in the second round. When the Bruins go on to win the a game in the Stanley Cup Final, the member is awarded 135 points for that game.

First Round Second Round Conf. Finals Stanley Cup
16 160 192 224 240
15 150 180 210 225
14 140 168 196 210
13 130 156 182 195
12 120 144 168 180
11 110 132 154 165
10 100 120 140 150
9 90 108 126 135
8 80 96 112 120
7 70 84 98 105
6 60 72 84 90
5 50 60 70 75
4 40 48 56 60
3 30 36 42 45
2 20 24 28 30
1 10 12 14 15

Making your Playoff Pool Picks

It can be difficult to find a playoff pool format that is challenging enough for your knowledgeable members, yet simple enough for everyone to join. RunYourPool's NHL Power Ranking Playoff Pool format meets both these needs nicely. In it's simplest form, members can just rank the 16 playoff teams and they're done. You're more serious members will need to think about the which teams are might get swept and earn them no points at all, as well as the effect of your custom scoring system.

Our error-free pick sheet ensures all your members get their picks in properly.

We Can Save You Time This Post-Season

Running your NHL Playoff Pool couldn't be easier:

  • No picks to collect. Members login to the website directly to make their picks.
  • No more pick sheet mistakes. So easy, a kindergarten student can do it!
  • No calculation errors. We'll do the heavy math for you.
  • No more need to distribute standings. Members simply login to the site to see updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NHL playoff bracket pools are where members try to pick the winner of the playoff series and pick how many games the series will go to. Every winning pick gets points, and a bonus for the closest to the series length. Values increase as the tournament progresses, but the Pool Commissioner sets that.