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NFL Football Pools Online

Pick your format, configure your pool, and we'll do the work for you.
NFL pool

Take the pain out of managing your NFL pool

Tired of figuring wins and losses versus the point spread for your pool members? Tired of tracking your pool's weekly and year-to-date leaderboard manually, via paper or spreadsheets? Tired of keeping track of which pool members have already picked which teams in your survivor pool? It can take a lot of time and effort to run your own football pool ... even more to do a really good job at it.

Spend five minutes setting up your NFL pool, let your pool members know how to join and enter their picks online each week, and sit back and enjoy the NFL season. Our NFL pool hosting and management service is completely web-based, meaning no software to download and manage and no scores for you to enter every week. We do the hard work for you.

Easy Setup
Your pool will be up and running in minutes, ready to invite members.
No Obligation
Run your pool for free through the first week of the season.
Configuration Options
Lots of scoring and configuration options for the Administrator.
Online Pick Sheets
Members make picks online using our bullet-proof pick sheets.
Automatic Deadlines
Picks are locked down at the beginning of each week of games.
Real-time Updating
Standings and reports will be updated as games end.
Detailed Reporting
Pick summaries, weekly and year-to-date leaderboard, and more.
Private Message Board
Post your rules, trash talk, and communicate with other members
Survivor Pools
Our most popular NFL Pool format! Also known as Suicide, Eliminator, Knockout, or Last Man Standing pools. Pool members choose one NFL team each week that they believe will win.
  • Each pool member chooses one NFL team each week. Picks are made 'straight up', not using a point spread system.
  • If their pick is correct, they survive until the next week.
  • An incorrect pick eliminates the player from the pool for the remainder of the season.
  • Lots of options including: elimination settings, mulligans, automatic pick assignment for missed picks, and more!
Pick'Em Pools
Add to the excitement with your own pool for your family, friends, or business promotion. Create your Pick'em pool for the NFL Season.
  • Each pool member picks every NFL game for the week (or the number of games you specify).
  • Picks can be made against the point spread or 'straight up' without it.
  • Standings are calculated for the week and for the year-to-date.
  • Options include number of games to pick each week, point spread usage, custom scoring for the post-season, automatic pick assignment for missed picks, and more!
Fantasy Football Pools
Enjoy the fun of being a Fantasy manager, without the complication of a draft and the limitations of a fixed roster. Create new Fantasy lineups each week!
  • Pool members pick NFL players every week to create their weekly lineup.
  • Entries accrue points in real-time based on the game statistics of the players in their lineup.
  • Pool Commissioners can decide how many times per season NFL players can be picked by each member.
  • Standings are calculated for each week and for the year-to-date.
Squares Pools
Also known as Grid pools, Box pools, or Block pools, this format is far-and-away the world's most popular Super Bowl game, but we offer it for ANY game ... or any set of games.
  • Pool members reserve "squares" online on a 10x10 grid by putting their name in the square. No need to pass around a sheet of paper!
  • Each row and column is assigned a number from 0 to 9 (usually randomly after all squares are taken by members).
  • Run a grid for any NFL game, including the playoffs and Super Bowl. A popular option is to run a grid for every Monday night game.
  • Options include: Multiple grids per pool, number assignment configuration, maximum pick counts, and more!
Confidence Pools
Members make weekly picks (either against the point spread or straight-up). The number of picks each week is customizable by the pool commissioner. Optional best-bet and confidence pick settings. Weekly and year-to-date records are calculated.
  • Each pool member picks every NFL game for the week (not using the point spread).
  • Members must also rank how confident they are that the team they picked will win.
  • The more points assigned to a pick, the more confident they are that team will win. For each correct pick, members receive the number of points they assigned to that pick.
  • Standings are calculated for the week and for the year-to-date.
Margin/Underdog Pools
Members pick one team a week and are rewarded with their margin of victory (or the point spread in an underdog pool).
  • Each member picks one team a week.
  • In a margin pool, they are awarded points equal to the margin of victory if their team wins.
  • In an underdog pool, they can only pick underdogs and are awarded the point spread if their team wins.
  • Lots of pick and scoring options to choose from!
33 Pools
A great format for members who don't want to make weekly picks but still want the excitement of following NFL games.
  • Each member is assigned their own NFL team.
  • Members win each time their team scores 33 points.
  • Randomly assign different NFL teams to your members each week, or once for the whole season.
  • Choose a custom target score, determine how your winners are declared, and more!
Playoff Bracket Pools
Post-Season Only
Playoff Bracket pools are a simple NFL pool format where members pick every round of the playoffs before they start in an attempt to predict every match up correctly.
  • Configure a multiplier for each round to weight the later games more heavily.
  • Tiebreaker option of total points in the Super Bowl.
  • Super easy to play, yet still a fun challenge.
Playoff Power Ranking Pools
Post-Season Only
Simple enough for anyone to play ... challenging enough for the most die-hard football fans.
  • Pool members rank all 14 NFL teams competing in the NFL Playoffs from strongest to weakest.
  • Members are awarded the number of points assigned to an NFL team each time that team wins.
  • Administrator's can use our simple scoring system or set their own, custom point system.
Playoff Precision Pools
Post-Season Only
Similar to a traditional pick 'em pool ... but with a twist.
  • Pool members attempt to pick the winner of every playoff game each week.
  • Pool members also enter their guess as to the combined total score of both teams in each game.
  • Points are awarded for correct picks AND for how close to the correct combined point total they were.
Prop Bet Pools
Super Bowl Only
Answer questions unrelated to the direct outcome of the big game.
  • Customize which questions you want from a provided set of over 30 questions.
  • Customize point values for each included question.
  • Members pick what they believe will be the correct answer to each prop bet.