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Our NFL Pick'Em pool format is arguably our most traditional football pool, with the option to pick against the spread or straight-up. Even though this format is basic, it can still be very difficult for someone running the football pool to keep up with gathering the picks and calculating standings manually. That is where we come in.

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How does our NFL Pick'Em Pool format work?

  • Each pool member picks NFL games each week.
    • Limit how many games must be picked each week.
    • Optionally use 'Best Bet' picks or 'Confidence' points.
  • Picks can be made against the point spread or straight-up without it. If you go with the spreads, you can choose to use our point spreads or enter your own each week.
  • Optional 'Monday Night Football' tiebreaker of total combined points.
  • For each correct pick during the regular season, members receive one point (customizable).
  • Standings are calculated for the week and for the year-to-date.

NFL Pick'Em Pool Samples

The following samples are just a few of the reports you'll see for your Pick'Em football pool.

Click to view more detailed samples:
Pick Sheet
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Weekly Picks Report

How Our Service Saves You Time

We remove the grunt work and mistakes from your NFL Pick'Em Pool:

  • Automated pick collections. You no longer have your members send you their picks. They login to the website directly to make their picks.
  • Error-free pick sheet. We make it impossible for your members to make technical errors when submitting picks.
  • Automatic updating. Pool standings are automatically updated in real-time.
  • No more need to distribute standings. Members simply login to the site to see updates.

Brand Your Pool

Add your company or organization logo to customize the look of your Pick'Em pool. For more information, see our Brand Your Pool page.

Private Message Boards

Every NFL Pick'Em pool hosted at includes a free, private message board. Your pool's message board, accessible only to your pool members, is a great way to communicate with members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Football Pool" is a catch-all term for a group of people competitively guessing the outcome of one or more football games. There are many types of formats, each assigning winners differently. They can be played informally between friends or through a more formalized system. They are often considered a great alternative to fantasy football given the ease of playing.

The word "confidence" in "Football Confidence Pool" refers to how you rank the teams that you think will win each week. For example, in the NFL, there are often 16 games weekly. In this scenario, you would rank each game from 16 to 1, based on the your confidence in that team winning.