If you're looking for a new type of pool to run for the college basketball tournament this March, a Head-to-Head Pool for the NCAA Tournament is a fun format to try. There are no time consuming brackets to fill out, so this format is fun for the casual user, while still being interesting to the seasoned veteran.

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Head-to-Head Pool Rules

  • Each entry is randomly assigned one NCAA team from the first round (a maximum of 64 entries are allowed).
  • Each entry will go head to head with the opponent their team is playing.
  • Game outcomes are based on the point spread, so even if you get a 16 seed in the first round you still have a chance to win.
  • If your team covers the spread, you will advance to the next round with the winning team and your opponent will be eliminated.
  • The winning entry is the one who makes it to the end of the NCAA Tournament.


The following samples are just a few of the reports you'll see for your Head-to-Head Survivor pool.

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Bracket Results
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament head-to-head
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Step 4 - Enjoy the Tournament!

We take over from there. Your pool standings and all other reports are updated in near real-time as games conclude.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is an invite-only 68-team competition played annually across four separate geographic locations separated as West, East, MidWest and South. The tournament, which traditionally starts in mid-March and ends in early April, features both college conference winners and at-large bids in a seed system.

A NCAA Basketball Head-to-Head Pool is a type of pool in which participants are each randomly assigned one of the tournament's 64 teams. Participants advance if their team covers the spread, which allows every entry and team to have a chance of winning. If a team covered loses, but covers the spread, that participant will advance to the next round with the winning team.

The best way to play a NCAA Basketball Head-to-Head Pool is to set it up using RunYourPool and invite all of your friends! Setting up the pool and inviting participants is easy and should take less than five minutes. Next, you can randomize or assign the teams that participants will have.