NFL Draft Sleepers

Scott Valentine

There might not be a Tom Brady in every single draft class, but there are always a few guys who outperform their draft projection.

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Aaron Rodgers Trades That Don’t Include the Jets

Scott Valentine

Aaron Rodgers said he intends to play for the Jets, but it’s not a done deal yet. Could he end up somewhere else?

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I Love the Pitch Clock

Scott Valentine

Game times are down, ridiculously long at-bat routines have been eliminated, and baseball is better because of it.

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Best NFL Free Agent Signings So Far

Scott Valentine

Big-name free agents are on the move. Which deals will make the biggest splash in the 2023 NFL season?

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CJ Stroud vs. Bryce Young: A Gm’s Perspective

Scott Valentine

Let’s crawl inside the head of two NFL GMs to sort out who’s QB1 in the draft for each team. Who should go #1?

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NFL Round 1 Mock Draft 2.0

Scott Valentine

The Bears trading down shook up the entire NFL world, so we had to adjust our mock. Check out version 2.0 here.

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NFL Combine: Defensive Standouts

Scott Valentine

The 2023 defensive class is loaded with athletic talent. Here’s who stood out in Indy.

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NFL Combine: Offensive Standouts

Scott Valentine

The combine has come and gone, and we’re highlighting three players from every position group improved their draft standing.

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MLB’s New Pitch to Fans

Scott Valentine

Baseball is a faster game in 2023 but what’s really needed is more runs and more fun. Can the pitch clock accomplish this?

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NFL Combine Primer

Scott Valentine

The NFL Combine is this week in Indianapolis. As always, stocks will rise and fall, and names will become household ones in the NFL Draft.

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