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    The 2023 MLB season begins on March 30 and concludes on October 1, with the MLB Playoffs set to begin on October 3. The World Series doesn’t have a set date yet, but expect the playoffs to run into early-November at the latest. 

    RYP has MLB pools for you to play in, whether it’s a Survival Pool or a 13-run Pool. Join or create your MLB pool today and don’t miss out on the action! Below you’ll find all relevant MLB information, odds and other resources to help win your MLB pools!

    MLB Predictions 

    Be sure to check out our MLB free picks page for daily updates and top plays to consider on the diamond! 

    MLB Pool Types

    There are two MLB pool types for users to choose from, along with a prop contest for the Home Run Derby down the road. Check out the various MLB pool types you can play during the 2023 season.

    MLB Survival Pools

    Survival pools are the most traditional of pool contests, as members pick one team per week to win. Members can only pick a team once during the season. If the team wins 50% of its games during the course of the week, then the pool member advances to the next week. 

    While traditional survival pools see one wrong pick before elimination, MLB pool commissioners will often allow three strikes before a pool member is eliminated. In baseball it’s three strikes and you’re out, so it fits the theme. But there are also 162 games in a MLB season, so typically more room for error is granted, but always check your league rules before playing!

    MLB 13-Run Pools

    In a 13-run pool, pool members get one team for the entire season – so the max number of pool players in one league can only be 30. Teams try to score every number of runs from 1-13, although pool commissioners can lower the runs to 6 at minimum. 

    Once a team scores all the number of runs then that pool member wins. Teams only get credit for the number of runs they end a game with. If a team scores 3 runs in a game, then the pool member can cross off ‘3’ but they don’t get credit for ‘1’ or ‘2’. In order for the pool member to receive credit for ‘1’ or ‘2’, that pool members’ team must score exactly 1 or 2 runs. 

    2023 MLB World Series Odds

    Below are the updated odds for which team will win the MLB World Series. Typically teams that have higher odds to win the World Series are better picks, as they tend to win more games than teams lower on the list. 

    Odds to win 2023 MLB World Series

    • Houston Astros +600
    • Atlanta Braves +750
    • New York Yankees +750
    • Los Angeles Dodgers +800
    • New York Mets +900
    • San Diego Padres +950
    • Toronto Blue Jays +1400
    • Philadelphia Phillies +1600
    • Seattle Mariners +1800
    • St. Louis Cardinals +2000
    • Tampa Bay Rays +2200
    • Cleveland Guardians +2500
    • Chicago White Sox +3000
    • Los Angeles Angels +4000
    • Milwaukee Brewers +4000
    • Minnesota Twins +4000
    • San Francisco Giants +5000
    • Texas Rangers +5000
    • Boston Red Sox +6000
    • Baltimore Orioles +6600
    • Chicago Cubs +8000
    • Miami Marlins +8000
    • Arizona Diamondbacks +12500
    • Detroit Tigers +12500
    • Kansas City Royals +20000
    • Pittsburgh Pirates +20000
    • Cincinnati Reds +25000
    • Colorado Rockies +30000
    • Oakland Athletics +50000
    • Washington Nationals +50000

    2023 MLB Regular Season Projected Stats

    Regardless of what MLB pool you are playing in, it’s always a good idea to understand which players are projected to have big years entering. If a lot of Toronto Blue Jays’ players have high odds in different stat categories, then it would make sense to target them for a lot of run scoring if playing in a 13-run pool. 

    Below is a list of various prop odds for statistical leader categories in MLB. These odds are only available prior to the season beginning. Here are the top projected players per statistical category entering the 2023 MLB Regular Season. 

    2023 MLB Home Run Leader Favorites

    • Aaron Judge +550
    • Mike Trout +850
    • Pete Alonso +900

    2023 MLB Strikeout Leader Favorites

    • Gerrit Cole +550
    • Corbin Burnes +850
    • Dylan Cease +1000

    2023 MLB RBI Leader Favorites

    • Aaron Judge +700
    • Pete Alonso +800
    • Vlad Guerrero, Jr. +900
    • Yordan Alvarez +950

    2023 MLB Hits Leader Favorites

    • Trea Turner +600
    • Freddie Freeman +900
    • Bo Bichette +950

    2023 MLB Runs Leader Favorites

    • Aaron Judge +600
    • Mookie Betts +700
    • Juan Soto +800
    • Ronald Acuna. Jr. +900

    2023 MLB Stolen Bases Leader Favorites

    • Adalberto Mondesi +600
    • Ronald Acuna, Jr. +600
    • Esteury Ruiz +700
    • Cedric Mullins +850

    2023 MLB Wins Leader Favorites

    • Gerrit Cole +1000
    • Justin Verlander +1400
    • Max Fried +1500
    • Julio Urias +1500
    • Shane McClanahan +1500

    MLB World Series History

    The National League has won three of the last four World Series, with the Houston Astros in 2022 breaking the NL streak. Houston has actually appeared in three of the last four World Series and have won two of the last six. Eight of the last 10 World Series have also gone to at least six games. 

    • 2022 – Houston Astros (6 games)
    • 2021 – Atlanta Braves (6 games)
    • 2020 – Los Angeles Dodgers (6 games)
    • 2019 – Washington Nationals (7 games)
    • 2018 – Boston Red Sox (5 games)
    • 2017 – Houston Astros (7 games)
    • 2016 – Chicago Cubs (7 game)
    • 2015 – Kansas City Royals (5 games)
    • 2014 – San Francisco Giants (7 games)
    • 2013 – Boston Red Sox (6 games)
    • 2012 – San Francisco Giants (4 games)
    • 2011 – St. Louis Cardinals (7 games)
    • 2010 – San Francisco Giants (5 games)
    • 2009 – New York Yankees (6 games)
    • 2008 – Philadelphia Phillies (5 games)
    • 2007 – Boston Red Sox (4 games)
    • 2006 – St. Louis Cardinals (5 games)
    • 2005 – Chicago White Sox (4 games)

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