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    The Masters is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, let alone golf. Its qualifications are not normal for a typical golf tournament, as the field is an invite-only event. That means golfers can only participate if the Masters sends them an invitation to compete. 

    There are similarities between the Masters and regular golf tournaments, however, most notable is the cut. Let’s break down the cut at the Masters, what it means and some other fun yet informative tidbits about cuts at the Masters. 

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    What Is The Cut at The Masters?

    Like other golf tournaments, the cut at the Masters occurs after 36 holes of golf have been played. So after two rounds of action, or two days, the field is cut in half based on the leaderboard stroke totals. 

    Because the field is shortened with an invite-only stipulation, the field is cut at 50 at the Masters. Golfers who finish with a stroke total within the Top 50, even those tied for 50th-place, will make the cut and be allowed to continue playing into rounds three and four (Saturday, Sunday). 

    Any golfer who sees a stroke total in 51st-place or lower is cut from the Masters and can’t compete in the final two rounds. Many golf bettors are able to wager on which golfers will make or miss the cut. The best value lies with longshot to make the cut, or heavy favorites to miss the cut. 

    Who Makes The Cut at The Masters?

    As stated above, at minimum 50 golfers make the cut at the Masters. Prior to 2020, the 10-stroke rule was implemented. This rule stated that any golfer who was within 10 strokes of the leader was eligible to make the cut. 

    Beginning with the 2020 Masters however, the rule was changed to the golfers placed in 50th-position or better would make the cut. If five players are tied for 50th-place then 55 golfers make the cut. 

    In 2014, the rule was that only the top 44 golfers on the leaderboard made the cut along with the 10-stroke rule. The Masters will more than likely continue to tweak its ruling on cuts in the future. 

    Players With The Most Cuts Made

    Who else would hold the record for most cuts made at the Masters as it’s the one and only Jack Nicklaus, who also has won the most Masters events with six. It makes sense the all-time winningest Masters golfer also holds the record for most Augusta cuts made. The Golden Bear made 37 cuts at the Masters.

    Bernhard Langer is currently the oldest player to make a cut at the Masters, setting it in 2020 at the age of 63. Langer also won the green jacket on two separate occasions, once in 1985 and again in 1993. Tianlang Guan became the youngest player to make a Masters cut in 2013, at 14 years of age at five months and 18 days old. 

    Players With The Longest Streak of Consecutive Cuts

    Gary Player and Fred Couples hold the record for most consecutive Masters cuts made at 23. Player’s streak ran from 1959 to 1982 although he skipped a year in 1973 due to health. Couples went from 1983 to 2007 making the cut every year in Augusta. 


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