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    Last night, the NBA Draft sent ripples through the sporting world when the San Antonio Spurs snagged Victor Wembanyama. This French wunderkind, standing tall at 19 years old, is being hailed as the most incredible talent since LeBron James. Impressive, sure. But let’s pop that hype balloon and look at why this might turn out to be a big ol’ whiff.

    Thin As a Stick

    Imagine a sequoia tree, towering and majestic. Now imagine it with toothpick-like strength. That’s our guy Victor – an imposing 7’5″, but only weighing in at a meager 220 pounds. He’s spoken about the importance of solidifying his frame, but talk is cheap. He’s going to need to put on some sort of size to bang around down low with the likes of Giannis, Joel Embiid, and the rest of the great big men of the NBA.

    NBA players are beefier, brawnier, and bolt quicker than the chaps Wembanyama has been up against in the LNB Pro A league. Our boy Victor will find himself outmuscled in key positions, and let’s not even start on his potential fatigue levels. We’re looking at the tortoise versus the hare here, but without the happy ending.

    Zion 2.0?

    Remember the frenzy around Zion Williamson? How he was hailed as the next big thing coming out of Duke only to spend the majority of his time off-court, nursing injuries? That’s a very real concern for our friend Wembanyama.

    If we’re being brutally honest, the NBA can be a relentless meat grinder. The odds of Wembanyama escaping unscathed with his lean build are, well, thin. We might be looking at another shooting star that burns out before it really shines.

    He’s No LeBron James

    Comparing a young player to LeBron James, it’s like comparing your high school band to The Beatles. Yeah, they can play a few tunes, but can they rock a stadium? LeBron wasn’t just a player; he was a force of nature, a team maker, and a play-creator.

    Victor, on the other hand, though a prodigious talent, isn’t quite there yet. He has his stats, but does he have LeBron’s versatility? Can he match that high basketball IQ? Leadership skills? We’re not checking those boxes yet. The thing about ‘generational talents’ is that they’re truly that, generational. That term has been loosely thrown around over the past few years, but there can only be one per generation. Is Wembanyama ready to take that torch?

    The Spurs’ Gamble

    San Antonio Spurs’ choice of a number one pick is a gamble, and the stakes are high. With the legacy of five championships, the Spurs are a team with winning in their DNA. The pressure for Wembanyama to perform and prove his worth is enormous, and we’re not just talking about making nice moves on the court. We’re talking about carrying the weight of the team’s expectations and living up to the legacy of a team that has produced legends like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

    Setting Wembanyama up as the ‘next big thing’ may do more harm than good. The lad’s just 19. The mental and physical pressure could get to him before he even sets foot on the court. From being the star in France to being the rookie in the NBA – that’s a giant leap, and not everyone sticks the landing.

    Fans celebrate during the San Antonio Spurs’ NBA basketball draft watch party at AT&T Center in San Antonio, Thursday, June 22, 2023, as the Spurs selected Victor Wembanyama. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

    A Tale of Two Leagues

    It’s worth remembering that dominating the French LNB Pro A league is one thing, but the NBA is an entirely different beast. The sheer athleticism, speed, and physicality of the NBA could prove overwhelming. Wembanyama is about to find himself facing off against seasoned veterans who have been playing in this arena for years. The competition is fierce, and there’s no guarantee his LNB success will translate to the NBA.

    Basketball is a high-impact, high-intensity sport. Over a season, the relentless schedule, the travel, and the physical toll of the games themselves can wear down even the most robust of players. With Wembanyama’s slender frame, there’s a real risk of injury, not just from contact with other players, but also from the sheer strain of playing at this level.

    At just 19 years old, Wembanyama lacks NBA experience, and that’s something you can’t teach. He’s going to be playing against guys who’ve been in the NBA for years. They know the tricks, they know the tactics, and they’ve got the mental toughness that only comes with experience. We’ve seen a few European stars break through and become NBA All-Stars, but what we don’t talk about is the laundry list of failures that have made their way back to Europe after failed stints in the NBA. The Association isn’t for everyone, and Wembanyama could very well make his way back to France if he fails.


    Yes, Wembanyama’s a stellar talent and his achievements in the LNB Pro A league are impressive. But the NBA is a whole new ball game, both literally and figuratively. The pace is faster, the players are stronger, and the pressure is far more intense. Despite all the hype, it’s entirely possible that Wembanyama will end up as another promising player who doesn’t quite make it. Only time will tell, of course, but right now, it seems prudent to temper those expectations. So, here’s to hoping he proves us wrong and becomes the star many believe he can be.

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