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    The 2023 NBA Playoffs are almost here, with the tournament tipping off on Saturday, Apr. 15. However, the NBA Play-In Tournament is now considered part of the official NBA Playoffs, as that begins on Tuesday, Apr. 11 after the regular season concludes on Sunday, Apr. 9. 

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    2023 NBA Playoff Bracket Pool

    Perhaps the most popular NBA Playoff contest is the bracket pool, in which players try to accurately predict the winners for each series in the bracket. Also, players must select how many games the series will go (four, five, six or seven games). 

    Pool commissioners can customize the settings, but points are typically worth one for picking the correct team to win the series. Bonus points are given to players who correctly pick the number of games the series sees. Also configured by the pool commissioner is whether or not points are worth more as the tournament progresses. 

    2023 NBA Playoff Picks & Predictions

    The NBA trade deadline saw various teams make moves, none bigger than the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns. Both clubs traded for Brooklyn stars, Dallas getting Kyrie Irving and Phoenix getting Kevin Durant.

    The betting markets have certainly changed as a result, but some constants remain in the Eastern Conference. The Boston Celtics continue to be the league’s best team, while the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks continue to remain legit contenders. 

    In the Western Conference, both the Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies have shown the most consistency – while the Sacramento Kings have quietly been dominating the Western Conference. The Los Angeles Clippers are considered a solid sleeper team for many.

    Check our NBA free picks page for daily updates, including top plays for games when the NBA Playoffs begin!

    2023 NBA Playoff Odds

    Many pool players use betting odds to help determine picks, as there are various NBA Playoff odds available now. Check out the different betting markets and the odds for each team to win them!

    2023 NBA Finals Odds

    The NBA Finals odds are pretty simple, as they are odds to win the entire tournament. In order to win this market, players must select the team they think will win the NBA Finals and hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

    • Milwaukee Bucks +320
    • Boston Celtics +340
    • Phoenix Suns +475
    • Denver Nuggets +800
    • Philadelphia 76ers +1000
    • Golden State Warriors +1200
    • Memphis Grizzlies +1600
    • Los Angeles Clippers +1600
    • Los Angeles Lakers +2500
    • Dallas Mavericks +3000
    • Cleveland Cavaliers +4500
    • Sacramento Kings +7500
    • Miami Heat +9000
    • New York Knicks +9000

    Odds to Participate in 2023 NBA Play-In Tournament

    To win this market, players must select which teams will participate in the NBA Play-In Tournament. If a team makes the NBA Playoffs without having to participate in the NBA Play-In Tournament, then that team does not qualify for this market. Basically, you must pick which teams will be seeded No. 7 through No. 10 (for either conference) at the end of the season to win this market. 

    • Atlanta Hawks -6600
    • Toronto Raptors -3300
    • Chicago Bulls -600
    • Los Angeles Lakers -180
    • Minnesota Timberwolves -180
    • Oklahoma City Thunder -150
    • Brooklyn Nets -130
    • Los Angeles Clippers -115
    • Miami Heat -110
    • New Orleans Pelicans +160
    • Utah Jazz +210
    • Golden State Warriors +240
    • Phoenix Suns +400
    • Indiana Pacers +450
    • Washington Wizards +600
    • New York Knicks +900
    • Portland Trail Blazers +1100
    • Orlando Magic +2000
    • Cleveland Cavaliers +50000
    • Sacramento Kings +50000

    NBA Playoffs History 

    The NBA Playoffs began back in the 1940’s with just six teams competing. Now, the event has a Play-In Tournament and sees 16 teams compete for the NBA Finals Trophy. The Los Angeles Lakers have seen the most NBA Playoff appearances with 62, and the Boston Celtics have seen the second-most with 59.

    Both teams also hold the record for most NBA Championships won, each with 17 total. Check out the most recent results from the NBA Playoffs, as the Golden State Warriors won their fourth title in eight years in 2022. 

    • 2022 – Golden State Warriors (6 games)
    • 2021 – Milwaukee Bucks (6 games)
    • 2020 – Los Angeles Lakers (6 games)
    • 2019 – Toronto Raptors (6 games)
    • 2018 – Golden State Warriors (4 games)
    • 2017 – Golden State Warriors (5 games)
    • 2016 – Cleveland Cavaliers (7 games)
    • 2015 – Golden State Warriors (6 games)
    • 2014 – San Antonio Spurs (5 games)
    • 2013 – Miami Heat (7 games)
    • 2012 – Miami Heat (5 games)
    • 2011 – Dallas Mavericks (6 games)
    • 2010 – Los Angeles Lakers (7 games)
    • 2009 – Los Angeles Lakers (5 games)
    • 2008 – Boston Celtics (6 games)
    • 2007 – San Antonio Spurs (4 games)
    • 2006 – Miami Heat (6 games)
    • 2005 – San Antonio Spurs (7 games)
    • 2004 – Detroit Pistons (5 games)
    • 2003 – San Antonio Spurs (6 games)
    • 2002 – Los Angeles Lakers (4 games)
    • 2001 – Los Angeles Lakers (5 games)
    • 2000 – Los Angeles Lakers (6 games)



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