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    It was a bad week to be on the public teams. 

    There are always a few weeks like this during any NFL season, where the “how can they only be laying that” teams can’t get the job done. 

    Most recreational bettors have a tendency to take favorites and Overs. When favorites start falling, the sports books tend to clean up.

    It was no different in the RunYourPool streets this week..

    This Week in Pick’em Pools

    The most popular pick on the board was Buffalo -8.5 with 77.6 percent of players counting on the BIlls to take care of business in New England. But there was a red flag on that game – the line moved against Buffalo, to -7.5 by game time.

    That’s a sign that sharp bettors saw something in the Patriots at +8.5 and bet it until the market moved. You generally don’t want to be on the wrong side of those market moves.

    Overall, here’s how the top five most-played teams did this week.

    • Bills -8.5 (taken by 77.6 percent of players). Lost outright.
    • Niners -6.5 (76.5 percent). TK.
    • Buccaneers -2.5 (75.2 percent). Lost outright.
    • Browns -2.5 (76.3 percent). Won but didn’t cover.
    • Commanders -1.5 (70.2 percent). Lost outright.


    Was there a way to do better? There was if you were using the Unabated Pick’em Edge Tool. Here were the top edges on the board by comparing the contest line against the Unabated Line – the consensus sharp blend of market-making sportsbooks. 

    • Bears +3.5 (32.8 percent). Won outright.
    • Browns -2.5 (76.3 percent). Won but didn’t cover.
    • Eagles -1.5 (51 percent). Covered.
    • Commanders -1.5 (70.2 percent). Lost outright.
    • Ravens -2.5 (34.1 percent). Covered.

    That’s 0-5 for the most popular teams, and a modest-but-positive 3-2 for the Pick’em Edge Tool.

    If you’re keeping track at home, that means you’d now be 18-17 through Week 7 if you just played the most popular entries. If you were playing for the big edges relative to the market, you’d now be 23-12.

    Next Week in Survivor Pools

    If you ran with the Unabated Survivor Optimizer, last week you landed on Seattle. The Seahawks took care of business against the future-home-of-Caleb Williams Cardinals. 

    This week it’s looking at another play with the -246 favorite Los Angeles Chargers. 

    The Bears are a frequent target for the optimizer, but if you’re looking to go against the grain of what would be a likely popular pick, you’ve got a lot of heavy favorites on the board to choose from this week – if they’re still available to you in pools. 

    Be careful with the Chiefs in Denver. If Kansas City is still open on your board, they have considerable future value in Week 16 against the Raiders.

    Or pick your own teams and customize your plan forward. The optimizer lets you lock legs and reworks your path through the coming weeks. Use it and the pick’em tool for just $25 per month.

    General FAQs

    How to make a sports pool?

    Starting a sports pool is easy with RunYourPool! We have fully customizable settings, dedicated customer support, and we make it easy to invite friends so you can compete against them.

    What is a sports pool?

    Sports pools are games to play with family and friends. With RunYourPool, all you need to do is pick your sport, pick one of our game types, set up your pool, and compete!

    How do I invite people to my pool?

    Inviting friends to your pool is easy with RYP! We provide you with a custom link that you can send out to anyone you would like. We also have a connections feature to allow you to easily invite members to join your pool.

    Who can play in a sports pool?

    Anyone can play in a pool on RunYourPool! With our array of game types throughout multiple sports, there's an option for everyone.

    How much does RunYourPool cost?

    Our pricing tiers are determined by how many members you have in your pool. We have three tiers; Amateur, Pro, and Front Office. Our pricing page provides a breakdown of all three options!

    Is RunYourPool legal?

    RunYourPool is 100% legal. We do not allow any illegal entry fees or gambling on our website.


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