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    March only means one thing for sports fans, madness. Brackets are finally here and what better way to get ready for brackets then by creating our own! We teamed up with Jack Link’s to create the 2023 Snack-It Bracket, 64 of the best Jack Link’s snacks in one bracket!

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    OG Beef Jerky Bracket

    It’s tough to beat the original, and the original snack that put Jack Link’s on the map advanced through its own bracket. No. 6 seed Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky was a solid sleeper, making a run past Spicy Red Pepper Beef Steak and the healthy Zero Sugar Original Beef Jerky. We all wanted to see the two Original Beef Jerkys go head-to-head, but Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky had other plans.

    Shoutout to the Two Beef Stick & Cheddar Combo also notching an upset in the first round. The combo wasn’t enough to take out the health nuts zero sugar snack. Besides Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky though, this was a pretty chalky region of the bracket.

    Region Winner: Original Beef Jerky

    Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky Bracket

    The sweet flavors ran through this region of the bracket, as top seed Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky advanced through its own bracket. It wasn’t easy, as other sweet flavored snacks made it quite far. No. 7 Sweet & Hot Bloody Mary Mix was a huge Cinderella in the bracket, as the morning brunch fanatics showed their support.

    Sweet Habanero Beef Strip Bars and Sweet BBQ White Meat Chicken Tender Bites also had a good performance this year. The only sausage product in the field, Original Beef Smoked Sausage, had a nice first round upset but couldn’t capitalize past that. The sweetness was too much to handle here.

    Region Winner: Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky

    Teriyaki Beef Jerky Bracket

    The third jerky to advance into the semifinals, but not a No. 1 seed, is Peppered Beef Jerky. In a battle of No. 1 vs. No. 2, Peppered Beef Jerky beat out Teriyaki Beef Jerky which was the top seed in the region. The variety pack products looked to make a run here, as both Original/Teriyaki Variety Pack and Multipack Beef Sticks tried to win with numbers. The numbers weren’t enough to overcome the traditional jerky snack with unique and popular flavors.

    Many had the Mild Bloody Mary Mix as a possible dark horse contender, but didn’t advance the furthest of all the Bloody Mary mixes. Most of the so called ‘experts’ had both top jerky products in the quarterfinals so not much madness in this region of the bracket.

    Region Winner: Peppered Beef Jerky

    Peppered Beef Steak Bracket

    The first No. 1 seed to go down was seen in the Peppered Beef Steak Bracket, falling to eventual region winner No. 8 Teriyaki Beef Tender Bites. The flavor of teriyaki is wonderful, and the bite size snack allow for intake with overindulging in a sweet flavor. Regardless, its still a surprise and huge bracket buster in the Snack-It Bracket.

    This was an unpredictable part of the bracket, with No. 14 Jalapeno Chicken Tender Bites making a deep run in the tournament. They might be small, but the bite size snacks ran through countless contenders in this region. Consider this part of the bracket the biggest upsets of the tournament.

    Region Winner: Teriyaki Beef Tender Bites

    Jack Link’s Snack-It Bracket Winner

    Vote on your winning snack of the remaining four!


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