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    Tracing its origins back to 1860, the British Open, often simply called “The Open,” is the oldest golf tournament in the world. This championship is woven into the very fabric of the United Kingdom’s sporting identity and provides a vivid reflection of golf’s historical and ongoing importance within British society. The Open’s rich heritage is embodied within the variety of courses that have played host to the tournament over the years, each with its own unique blend of challenges, landscapes, and unforgettable moments.

    The Upcoming Open

    As we look ahead to the upcoming British Open, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. Golfers of the highest echelon, both veteran champions and promising newcomers, are honing their skills in preparation for the test that lies ahead. This year, the prestigious tournament will be held at the Royal Liverpool, a course nestled in Liverpool, England. Known for its firm fairways, dense rough, and challenging wind conditions, Royal Liverpool has hosted the Open 12 times before and is steeped in golfing history. It’s a course that has witnessed many golfing greats navigating its testing conditions in their pursuit of the coveted Claret Jug.

    The Battlefields – Venues That Have Hosted The Open Championship

    St Andrews (Old Course)

    Situated in St Andrews, Scotland, the Old Course is often considered the “Home of Golf.” Hosting the Open Championship a record 29 times, with the inaugural tournament held there in 1873, it’s a course that epitomizes the sport’s history. St Andrews’ expansive double greens, some of which are shared by two holes, the 112 bunkers, each with its own name, and the infamous “Hell Bunker” on the 14th hole, all contribute to its notoriety. Golfing greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have both clinched victories at this historic course.

    Royal Birkdale Golf Club

    The Royal Birkdale Golf Club, nestled amidst Southport’s sand dunes, is one of the younger courses on the Open rotation, but it has established itself as a player favorite. Over the ten occasions that the course has hosted the Open, its demanding layout, surrounded by towering dunes, has provided a stern test for players. The 15th hole, a lengthy par 5, has seen its fair share of both eagle opportunities and disastrous scores, adding to the course’s drama.

    Royal St George’s Golf Club

    Royal St George’s, set in the historic town of Sandwich, England, has hosted The Open 15 times. Known for its rolling fairways, deep bunkers, and the ability of the coastal weather to change on a whim, it provides a formidable challenge. The treacherous fourth hole, known as the “Bunker Hole,” and the sixth hole, ominously called “The Maiden,” have been decisive in many a championship.


    Muirfield, located in the small coastal town of Gullane, Scotland, is renowned for its unique layout. With the front nine holes stretching along the perimeter and the back nine lying within, it provides a varying test as the wind direction changes throughout a round. Over its 16 Open Championships, golfers have faced both the best and worst of Scottish weather, and the course has earned a reputation as a true test of all-around ability. It’s here where legends like Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson have all tasted victory.

    Phil Mickelson of the United States prepares to play off the 8th tee during the first round of the British Open Golf Championship at Muirfield, Scotland, Thursday July 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

    Carnoustie Golf Links

    Carnoustie Golf Links, on the eastern coast of Scotland, is often described as one of the toughest golf courses in the world. Over the eight Open Championships it has hosted, Carnoustie’s narrow fairways, challenging length, and the Barry Burn that meanders through the course have seen many golfers’ hopes sink. Its final hole, a daunting par 4 called “Home,” is infamous for its difficulty and has played a decisive role in determining several championship outcomes.

    Royal Troon Golf Club

    Located on the west coast of Scotland, the Royal Troon Golf Club has hosted The Open nine times. It is a course of two distinct halves: the front nine is relatively straightforward, but the back nine is considerably more challenging, featuring the shortest hole in Open Championship golf, the “Postage Stamp,” as well as the longest, the “Turnberry.” This contrast provides a diverse and challenging round for even the most seasoned golfers.

    Turnberry (Ailsa Course)

    Turnberry’s Ailsa Course, located on the picturesque west coast of Scotland, has been an Open host four times. Its lighthouse, the ruins of Bruce’s Castle, and stunning coastal scenery make it one of the most visually appealing courses in the championship. But it’s not just a pretty face: holes like the 9th, “Bruce’s Castle,” demand accurate shot-making, while the “Ailsa Hame,” the final hole, has been the setting for many dramatic tournament conclusions.

    Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club

    Royal Lytham & St Annes, in Lytham St Annes, England, is a course that belies its benign appearance. Though it is located more than a mile from the coastline, it possesses all the challenging features of a links course. With 206 bunkers and punishing rough, precision is key here. The course’s par 3 opener is one of the most demanding starting holes in championship golf, and it has tested the mettle of the world’s best players during the 11 Opens held here.

    Prestwick Golf Club

    The Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, Scotland, was the very first host of The Open Championship, providing the stage for the tournament from 1860 to 1872. Though no longer in the current rotation, it retains a special place in the history of the tournament. Its deep bunkers and blind shots have provided some of the most challenging and unpredictable moments in early Open Championships.

    Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

    Royal Aberdeen, located in the northern reaches of Scotland, has a rich golfing history dating back to 1780. The course provides a stern challenge, particularly the front nine, which is regarded among the finest in golf. The layout demands a variety of shots and a strategic approach, and the ever-present wind adds an additional layer of difficulty.

    Royal Portrush Golf Club

    Royal Portrush, on the north coast of Northern Ireland, has hosted The Open only twice but has made a significant impact. The course returned to the Open rotation in 2019 after a gap of nearly seven decades. Its signature hole, the par-3 16th known as “Calamity Corner,” requires a precise tee shot to avoid the cavernous ravine on the right.


    The British Open courses present a captivating narrative of golf’s evolution and development, a journey through time that has shaped and been shaped by some of the greatest golfers the world has ever known. From the wind-swept links of St Andrews to the dramatic coastal clifftops of Royal Portrush, these courses are the hallowed grounds of golf’s oldest championship. As the tournament continues to be played, new stories will be etched into their fairways and greens, adding to the rich tapestry of history that makes the British Open and its courses truly unforgettable.

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