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Pool Setup & Administration

I ran a pool with you last season. Do I need to start a new pool this season?
No. In fact, we strongly suggest that you use your existing pool. Your pool settings and members are maintained from one season to the next and you have several member maintenance options available to you. Using a previous season's pool also helps prevent pool member confusion about which account to use, where they entered picks, etc. (faq #41)

I'm reusing my pool from last season. How do I handle new and returning members?
Returning members can simply log in with their existing username and password. If they've forgotten their login information, they can use the 'Forgot username or password' link in the login area. (Note: If you've deleted their 'team' in your pool, they can still login, but will need to create another team in your pool again. They can do this from their 'Pool Memberships' page.)

New members can always join a pool you are reusing from a previous year. You can find instructions to send to these members under the admin menu in your pool. (faq #55)

Do I need to download any software to start using your site?
No. Unlike some pool management software, starting a pool with does not require any software download. Your pool is managed completely online, allowing you to manage your pool from any computer with internet access. Simply complete our Pool Setup form and you will have your pool up and running in minutes. (faq #3)

How do I start a new pool?
Starting a new pool is fast and simple. Go to our Pool Setup form and complete the form, including selecting your specific pool settings. After completing the form, you should receive an e-mail containing a link to confirm your pool. You MUST confirm your pool before you can login. (faq #5)

How do people join my pool?
All pools at are private. Therefore, the pool administrator must inform friends, family, and co-workers that your pool has been setup and how to join it.

We simplify this process by adding a special section to the confirmation e-mail sent out after pool setup. This section contains all the information potential pool members need to join your pool. You can also find this information under the 'Invite Members' link under the admin menu in your pool. (faq #6)

I need to start inviting members to join my pool, but I no longer have my confirmation e-mail containing the specifics of joining my pool. What should I do?
The confirmation e-mail contains instructions on joining your pool that you can forward directly to your potential members. If you no longer have your confirmation e-mail, the instructions for your specific tools can be obtained by following these steps:

1. Log in using your Administrator's username and password and enter your pool.
2. Click the "Text to e-mail potential members" link in the Administrator's Menu.
3. Copy the instructions in the text box.
4. Paste the instructions into an e-mail and send to your potential members.

As an alternative, they can always come to our Join an Existing Pool form. They will need to know the Pool ID and Pool Password, information they will need to get from the Pool Administrator. (faq #42)

Can a member have multiple entries under a single login?
Yes, a member can have multiple entries under a single login. The first time a member creates an account they will choose a username and password for logging in, and a "team" name to represent them in the pool. If they want a second entry in this pool (or a different pool) they simply create a new "team" while logged in. Both team names will exist under the single login.

To create an additional team a member must first log into their account and then a) click the "Create Another Team" button on their My Account page, or b) navigate to our main join page ( and proceed to join again. The pool ID and pool password are required for either method. (faq #49)

How can I edit a member's email address?
For security reasons, only a member may update their information (on their Pool Memberships page). If they can't login and no longer have access to the email address on file, the easiest thing to do is delete them and have them join again with a new account. (faq #65)

When do your NFL Confidence pools end?
Due to the limited number of playoff games each week, our Confidence pools run through the regular season only. (faq #34)

What is the difference between deactivating and deleting a pool member?
Deactivate a pool member when there is a possibility that you'd will want to reinstate them at a later time. Deactivated members can not login to your pool to view standings, make picks, etc.. However, they are still members of your pool.

Delete a pool member when you want them permanently removed from your pool. Once deleted they can not be recovered. (faq #36)

Making Picks

What is the deadline for pool members to enter picks each week?
To pick all games, members must submit a complete picksheet by the first scheduled kickoff of the week (usually Thursday at 8:25PM Eastern). If members forget to pick the Thursday game, or if members would like to change the remainder of their picks, they can do so up until the final weekly pick deadline, which is on Sunday at 1PM Eastern every week. (faq #23)

How are the confidence points allotted in weeks with less than 16 games?
Confidence points are always allotted from 16 on down. In other words, in a week with 14 games, the available points will be 16-3. (faq #62)

Which confidence point values are assigned if members fail to pick early games?
The highest values will be assigned to missed games (from 16 on down). If your pool has automatic picks set up, members will receive the highest values and a pick according to the pool settings. If there are no automatic picks, the highest values will be unavailable to use for the remainder of the games. (faq #63)

Does the pool deadline change if there is an early game for a week (for example, a Thursday game in Week 1)?
Confidence & Point Spread Pools
In weeks where there are early games, members must pick the early games prior to kickoff. However, they will be able to make changes to later games even after the early games have been played. For example, a member can go in and make a pick change on Saturday for a Sunday game, but would not be able to change a game played on Thursday at that time.

Please note that once the first Sunday game of the week has started, NO picks can be made or modified, including those later on Sunday or Monday night. (faq #39)

I'm trying to pick just the early game(s) for a week, but the picksheet won't let me. Is this a site error?
No, that is the correct behavior for the picksheet. We require that you completely fill out each week's picksheet before submitting it. You may, however, go back and modify your picks for any game that has not taken place UNTIL the scheduled kickoff of the first Sunday game of the week. At that time, no pick entries or modifications can be made. (faq #40)

What if pool members forget to enter picks?
1. Early game missed
If a member misses an early game (e.g., Thursday or Saturday game), he or she can still make picks on all games not yet played, up until the scheduled kickoff of the first Sunday game. If the administrator has setup an automatic pick handler, the picksheet will show the automatic pick(s) for the missed games.

OR 2. Post-deadline pick entry
Administrator's can use the 'Player Pick Maintenance' option in the Administrator's menu to enter picks for their members after the deadline.


3. Automatic pick handler
When setting up a pool, Pool Administrator's have the option to decide how to handle no picks, should manual entry as outlined above not be an option.

They can choose to do nothing and calculate standings without picks made, or choose from several automated pick entry systems in which picks will be automatically made for pool members who do not get them in before the weekly deadline. (faq #24)

What can I use for a weekly tiebreak?
We have found that the most popular weekly tiebreak, by a wide margin, is the combined point total of both teams on Monday Night Football. Therefore, the Pool Administrator has the option of requiring his or her pool members to enter this point total each week.

This option is available when setting up your pool, however it can be changed at any time via the 'Edit Pool Settings' link in the Administrator's menu. (faq #32)

What game is used for the tiebreaker if there is no Monday Night game or there are two Monday Night games?
The last scheduled game of the week will be used and indicated on the pick sheet. (faq #44)

How does the site determine a winner using the tiebreaker?
The site will indicate the player(s) whose tiebreak selection is closest to the combined total of the last game of the week, as indicated on the pick sheet. (NOTE: It is the tiebreak value closest to the actual value, NOT closest without going over) (faq #43)


What game is used for the tiebreaker if there is no Monday Night game or there are two Monday Night games?
The last scheduled game of the week will be used and indicated on the pick sheet. (faq #60)

How can I change my 'team' name that appears in the reports?
You can change your 'team' name using the 'notepad' icon on the right hand side of the Pool Memberships page. (faq #61)

What kind of reports are available for my pool?
You can view some of the available reports on the pool information page. We will frequently be adding new reports in an effort to improve the site and improve our customer's experience. We are always looking for our customer's input, so if you have a suggestion for an additional report, please contact us at (faq #12)

Do I need to update game results for standings and other reports to be updated?
No. We take care of all the site updating for you. Unlike other pool management software, our pools don't require you to enter results, generate reports, and then upload them to a website. (faq #7)

My players like to see who everyone has picked going into the weekend. Do you have a report that does this?
Yes. Once the weekly pick entry deadline has passed, pool members will be have access to everyone's picks for that week. In Confidence and Point Spread pools, a separate 'Pool Members' Picks' report is available from the main Reports menu. (faq #30)

When are the standings (and other reports) updated?
Most updates will occur within minutes of the conclusion of a game, however due to the nature of the internet, we make no guarantee about the exact time an update will take place. (faq #33)

Pricing & Payment

How do I pay for my pool?
The pool administrator can pay the pool fee by logging into the pool administrator account, entering the pool, and clicking the 'Pay Pool Fee' link under the administrator menu. If you're paying for a pool based on the number of entries, please make sure you wait to pay until you have an accurate count. (faq #51)

Is your service free?
No. We charge a small fee for hosting your pool and calculating results, however we do not distribute winnings in any way. Although we make our services available on a trial basis for the beginning of the NCAA Tournament and the NFL season, your pool will be locked and access denied if the pool fee is not paid by your Pool Administrator. (faq #27)

How does your pricing structure work?
Pricing for the service is based on the total number of members in your pool. See the pricing table on the NFL Pool Pricing page. (faq #29)

What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Payment must be made online. (faq #25)

When do I pay for my pool?
You can pay for your pool at any time, however, we strongly recommend you pay ONLY AFTER ALL YOUR MEMBERS HAVE JOINED. Paying for your pool will cap your member limit, preventing new members from joining when your limit has been reached (unless you decide to upgrade and pay for a block of additional members at a higher per member rate).

Only Pool Administrators will be allowed to make payment for their pools. The payment link can be found in the 'Administrator Only' menu.

We allow you to run your NFL pool for free through the first week of the NFL season. Once first game is updated in Week 2, you will be required to make payment in order to continue to use the pool management service. On screen prompts, at that time, will ask you to pay if you have not already done so. (faq #28)


My member is having trouble logging in? What do I do?

Send them to our username/password recovery page.

(faq #78)

Does RunYourPool collect any fees from members or distribute winnings and/or prizes?
No. Please carefully review the 'Description of Service' section in our Terms of Service. (faq #9)

Do I need cookies enabled in my browser to use your site?
Yes. We use cookies ONLY for security and authentication purposes. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information on how we use cookies. We have provided a Cookie Test page to determine whether or not your browser settings are correct. (faq #18)

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