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    Dear RYP Faithful,

    Over the years, 2.5 MILLION of you have used our pools. This off-season, we set out to understand why. 

    We’ve heard from you time and time again that you love sports (obviously), but what you really love is connecting with other people through sports

    RYP has been a way to reach out to long-lost family, stay in touch with old college pals, drum up conversation with Vern in Accounting, and — not unlike us — provide more action for you and your band of fellow degenerates.

    So, this off-season, we decided to double-down on all of that. How? By building the following new features designed to make our platform more social and to help you connect better with your family and friends, this football season and beyond.

    Meet Your New RYP

    1. Faster Starts and Invites – Starting a pool and inviting people to join is now much easier. You can still access all of our sports and custom pool types, but now we immediately surface the most popular and in-season sports so you can start one in just a few clicks. Learn More.
    2. Social Connections – Users can now connect to their friends and like-minded fans outside of pools. Once connected, you can easily invite friends to other pools and (coming soon) in-app chats. This feature also allows users to save a group to invite to a new pool in a single click. Learn More.
    3. New Dashboard –  Now you can (A) easily find current and archived pools; (B) discover new pools hosted by your friends or Featured Pools hosted by us; and C) discover and connect with your friends. As more of your crew join the platform, they’ll be discoverable, and you can invite them to your pools (or join theirs). Learn More.
    4. In-App Chat (COMING SOON) – Unlike message boards, chats will allow you to talk to your poolmates in real-time. Chat will also remind you to get your picks in on time, update you with changes about your pool’s leaderboard, or notify you if there’s a really spectacular two-minute drill happening at, say, Lambeau.
    5. RYP VIP (COMING SOON) – RYP VIP gives members exclusive access to:
      • Contests with guaranteed payouts ($100K for season-long NFL pick’em, $5K weekly, and other contests for NFL Playoffs, CFB Bowls, etc.)*
      • Subscriber-only access to pick data from the best (and worst) pickers on our site (our best members picked over 70% ATS in the 2021-22 season)
      • Survivor and Pick’em strategy guides from TeamRankings that have won their subscribers over $3M
    1. New Mobile Apps (COMING SOON) – And finally, we are getting close to the beta launch of our brand-new mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) that will change the way you play on RYP. If you’d like to join the beta and give feedback please let us know in a comment below! 

    Get Started!

    So take a look, let us know what you think. We welcome all feedback and ideas of what we can do to keep improving.

    For our part, we’ll keep listening, working, and doing our best to bring you and your people together through sports

    Check out the new RYP!


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