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    If you’ve already signed in to your RunYourPool account, you may have noticed a major change to your RYP dashboard. 

    Now, it’s organized in two main sections: Dashboard and Connections.


    Here, you’ll be able to start a new pool and keep your current and pending pools organized. The first section of your Dashboard — My Pool — contains all of your current pools, as well as pools where you’re waiting to be accepted by a commissioner. You’ll notice more information about your respective pools will be found in these Pool Cards, including the Pool Name, Game Type, Number of Members in a Pool, and Comments on the Message Board.

    For pools where you’re a commissioner, you’ll find a blue circle with a C in it beside the Pool Name, like below:

    In the Join a Pool tab, you’ll find Pool Invitations, as well as Suggested Pools to join.

    If you’re looking for more specific details about the pool, or would like to leave or delete the pool (in the case that you’re a commissioner), click the three-circle button at the bottom of the Pool Card.

    As for pools you have yet to be accepted to, you’ll see a yellow PENDING status on the right, as well as a grayed-out icon on the left to indicate that you still need to wait to be accepted to the pool.

    From time to time, RunYourPool may host our own Featured Pools, which will be clearly marked as “Featured” in the top right corner of the Pool Card.


    In the Connections tab, you’ll see two sub-tabs including People and Suggestions. The People portion of this feature will show members of previous pools so you can start connecting with friends right away. Your own friend requests will show here, as your connection requests come through. You’ll also be able to sort and search your connections at the top of your Connections list.

    The Suggestions tab includes friends of friends. Simply click the ‘CONNECT’ button to request a connection.

    In the event that you’d like to add friends to your RunYourPool experience, but don’t share a pool with them quite yet, feel free to use the Invite Friends button at the top right of this portion of your dashboard. Here, you’ll be given the option to send emails, or to share an invite via social media or a direct referral link.


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