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    Game on!

    As we all know, the NBA has become a very player-driven league and the pick’em pool format just isn’t cutting it. So, we decided to make a pool type that allowed you to bet on your favorite players in a fantasy format while also leaning into the positionless evolution of basketball. Introducing RYP’s NBA Starters Pool

    Like most fantasy pools, each week, you’ll be able to pick 5 starting all-star players. However, there aren’t any position parameters. That’s right. You’ll create a lineup of 5 flex-position players with the hopes of racking up as many fantasy points as possible. So, how is this going to work?

    1. Choose to start a new pool and select ‘NBA Starting 5 Pool’
    2. Set up your pool’s custom settings and invite friends.
    3. Make your Starting 5 picks for the week using your $15 salary.
    4. Submit picks and hope your super-star lineup brings their A-game.
    5. Don’t forget to update your roster each week to reflect the upcoming games!

    How do I use my $15 salary?

    When you start or join an NBA Starting 5 pool, you are given a $15 weekly salary that you will use to build your lineup. Each player in the league is priced between $1-5. For example, it may cost you $5 to put Giannis Antetokounmpo on your roster, leaving you with only $10 to select your remaining 4 players. 

    There are no parameters as to which positions need to make up your Starting 5, as long as you stay within your weekly budget. It’s all on you to keep up with players’ injury status, overall season performance, and game matchups to ensure you are maxing out those weekly fantasy points.

    Tip* A player is not locked into your Starting 5 until their first game of the week has started. You can continue to swap out your roster as long as you are only removing and adding players that have not had a game that week.

    Breaking Down The Scoring System

    All players will be scored based on their average fantasy points per game. This way, the amount of games each player has that week doesn’t affect their chances of coming out on top.

    Turnover-0.5 points
    Steal2 points
    Block2 points
    Double-Double1.5 points
    Assist1.25 points
    Point1 point
    3pt Shot0.5 points
    Triple-Double3 points
    Rebound1.25 points

    Our NBA Starters Pool will keep you excited to watch all of your favorite players throughout the season while competing with friends to see who can make the most unbeatable roster each week.

    Ready to get your NBA Starters Pool going? Click here. Happy pickin’!

    Oh, and remember to keep an eye out for public NBA Starters contests for a chance to win cash prizes!


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