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    It’s that time of year again. You know, time to agonize over which players to field for your fantasy football team. But that isn’t all you need to worry about if you are hosting your friends. Make sure your guests are well-fed while they watch the game. You need a super-sized plate of RunYourPool’s Chucking Chicken Wings!

    These bad boys are sure to bring the heat, whether your team is on a winning or losing streak. And trust us, with our wings, your guests will be too distracted by the deliciousness of the wings that they won’t even notice when you start chucking chicken bones at the television in frustration.

    And don’t stop there. You’ll need drinks to wash down those wings. After all, what’s the point of spending hours agonizing over who your team will pick if you can’t enjoy a few drinks while you do it? 

    When choosing the right drink for the occasion, there’s only one obvious choice: the Cornerback Cucumber Gimlet.

    Hot Tip: Pair this with RunYourPool’s Cornerback Cucumber Gimlet

    Change the Way You Play Fantasy Sports With RunYourPool

    RunYourPool’s fantasy football format is a refreshing change from the traditional way of playing. Instead of worrying about someone else in your league taking the players you want, you can pick the same player on the same week as your opponents. And instead of being stuck with a team all season, you get a do-over. This allows you to focus on the game and have more fun with it. So if you’re looking for a more enjoyable fantasy football experience, be sure to check out


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    Cornerback Cucumber Gimlet

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