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    Suppose you’re looking for a truly thrilling experience. In that case, there’s nothing like adding excitement to your fantasy football draft party by getting all your friends together in one room to mock each other and strategize. 

    What you really need to make your draft party a success is the perfect drink. One that’s strong enough to help you forget about the tedious task at hand but not so strong that you’ll forget who you drafted in the first round. 

    Look no further than Slobberknocker Sangria. This potent concoction is sure to get your guests drunk enough to make terrible decisions regarding their fantasy team. And if that doesn’t ruin their season, the hangover from this monstrosity of a drink certainly will. So pour a few glasses and watch the mayhem ensue.

    But why stop there? You’ll need some food to soak up all that booze while you try and keep your head straight to make your next pick. That’s where RunYourPool’s Nacho-Pick Week nachos come in. They’re the perfect complement to our Slobberknocker Sangria. So invite your friends over for a draft party they’ll be sure to talk about for years to come. Don’t forget the nachos. And the sangria. And maybe a designated driver.

    Hot Tip: Pair this with RunYourPool’s Nacho-Pick Week

    Shake Things Up With RunYourPool

    In RunYourPool’s fantasy league format, each pool member submits a lineup of 9 players weekly. In a unique twist on traditional fantasy football, you don’t need to worry about someone in your league pulling players out from underneath you. You’ll be able to pick the same player on the same week as your opponents. And instead of getting stuck with a team all season, you get a do-over. So if you’re looking for a challenging, competitive game where you can show off your skills, this is the league for you.


    Nacho-Pick Week Nachos


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