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    The “Model”

    The winner of the World Cup has been selected by a sophisticated model here at RunYourPool – the best kit for the World Cup.

    The hardcore data used in this model included jersey colors, opinion polls, and scientific data from previous world cups. The average winning kit is white with blue shorts and red socks, FYI.

    All joking aside, we wanted to think about the most watched sporting event in the world a bit differently. We aren’t soccer experts here but we do know fashion. Kind of. Well, not really but whatever.

    And we have all had that one person who won their March Madness bracket based on the mascot. So let’s dive into the kits and who is bringing that heat to their threads and the pitch.

    The best odds to win the World Cup are Brazil (+400), Argentina (+550), France (+600), and England (+800). And they all have pretty great kits. But below are the teams that embody “look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, win the world cup.” – Michael Scott

    Just Missed the Cut

    England, Croatia, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia are our second kit crew.

    England – A proper fit, govna.

    England World Cup

    Croatia – Check(er) them out.

    Croatia World Cup

    Argentina – Muy bueno

    Argentina World Cup

    Saudi Arabia – Darkhorse.

    Do they be-leaf they can get out of the group? (sorry)

    The Finals

    South Korea (+25000) v Mexico (+15000)

    While these two teams don’t have the athletic talent of say Argentina or England, they make up for it in design

    Runner-up – South Korea


    And your World Cup 2022 winner is…Mexico!


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