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    Underdog Season

    Speaking of…This year, the US team is coming in as an underdog. Doesn’t require Sherlock Holmes to come to this conclusion. But the real question is – do they have a good chance of winning some games and even taking home the whole thing? The short answer is no. But England is coming off some poor play and a slight Euro hangover, so I am counting them out for the sake of building the argument.

    The United States has been an underdog in the World Cup for a number of years now. They have never won the World Cup, but they have made it to the quarter-finals. The US is going up against Wales in their first game of the group stage, with a showdown against #5 ranked England four days later. If the team can get off to a hot start and press the action against Wales, it should put England on high alert.

    AP Photo/Martin Meissner

    On The Pitch

    Then comes the game. The US has nothing to lose and should aim to get off to another fast start, frustrating England and its aging stars.

    The US has never won a World Cup and this year they haven’t looked remarkable. A loss to Japan and a 0-0 tie to Saudi Arabia didn’t send any good feelings as we are less than two weeks away from the opening match. The US team is ranked 16th in the world, which doesn’t seem like much until you compare it to Wales’ ranking of 19th. That being said, no one will be picking the US (maybe for good reason). But that does set up a distinct advantage for people who pick the US if they can make waves.

    So if the US can escape the group stage, what chances do they really have? Well…we’ve seen bigger upsets. So I’m telling you there’s a chance! Albeit small but if the US can escape the group stage, we need a favorable draw, some of the big guns like Brazil, Belgium, and France to beat up on each other, then play with reckless abandon, the big MO will be on their side.

    Get In The Action

    I am not saying to fill out all your brackets to have the US winning the whole thing but if you want to take a flier, enter into our World Cup Challenge pool with your friends and see if you can win up to $10,000 and a signed USMNT jersey by riding the underdog.


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