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    The average goals per game in soccer varies from league to league. The Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A in Italy are known for high scoring games, whereas La Liga in Spain is known for lower scoring matches. Either way, the range is small from about two to three goals seen per game across most leagues. 

    In fact, most betting odds see a goal total at 2.5 goals. The venue also dictates how many goals are scored per game, as some venues see over three goals per game while others are under two. So as you can imagine, a blowout in soccer is typically anything from a four goal victory or more.

    In some cases, getting a shutout emphasizes a bigger blowout. If a team loses 5-1, the perception of losing 4-0 instead might be worse. When a team is shut out in soccer, it is known as ‘nil’ which is also a popular betting market. For goalies, this is known as a clean sheet. 

    Let’s go through the highest scoring soccer games in the sports’ history. Also be sure to check out daily free soccer picks for predictions in six leagues from across the world! Check out the free public contest pools to play in as well, with soccer coming in the future!

    The Biggest Soccer Blowouts Ever

    Keeping in mind that the average goal total in soccer is roughly 2.5, let’s break down the biggest soccer victories in history. 

    Preston North End vs. Hyde United, 26-0 

    In October of 1887, Preston North End won its FA Cup match against Hyde United by a ridiculous score of 26-0. What’s interesting about Preston North End is that the win came less than a decade after forming, as they were a cricket club prior. 

    Three English records were set in this match for Preston North End – all of which still stand to this day. They set the record for most goals in a single game, setting the highest home winning margin and setting the highest aggregate score. 

    Villarreal vs. Navata, 27-0

    In 2009, La Liga club Villarreal played a preseason game against third division club Navata. The result? A 27-0 victory in which Jonathan Pereiro hit seven goals, while Joseba Llorente and Marcos Ruben each scored four as well. 

    What’s interesting about this match is that Villarreal manager Ernesto Valverde played 11 different players in each half. He also replaced Manuel Pellegrini who left for Real Madrid prior to the preseason fixture. 

    Tahiti vs. Cook Islands, 30-0

    During the 1971 South Pacific Games, Tahiti took down Cook Islands with a 30-0 win. In 2015 that record was actually matched by, you guessed it – Tahiti. Tahiti beat the Federated States of Micronesia during Matchday 1 of the Pacific Games. 

    In 1971 however, Cook Islands was getting cooked. They went on to lose their next two matches, first against Papua New Guinea at 16-1 and then against Fiji at 15-1. Cook Islands goal total difference after its first three games was -45. 

    Australia vs. American Samoa, 31-0

    In April of 2001 Australia defeated American Samoa 31-0 in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying match. It’s currently the record for largest international soccer win, while Archie Thompson scored 13 goals which is also a record for international competition. 

    The result is directly responsible for the genesis of the Oceanian zone qualification for FIFA World Cup matches, beginning in 2006. What’s funny is that two days prior Australia beat Tonga 22-0, so they literally beat their own record just two days later by posting 53 total goals. Whoa. 

    Dundee Harp vs. Aberdeen Rovers, 35-0 

    On September 12, 1885 the Dundee Harp Football Club destroyed Aberdeen Rovers 35-0. Oddly enough, this match occurred the very same day Arbroath beat Bon Accord 36-0 which is the largest margin of victory in senior soccer history. Not only did the 36-0 result occur on the same day, but it also occurred less than 20 miles away. 

    Captain D’Darcy Jr. scored 10 goals in the match, which was actually scored 37-0 by the referee. After much discussion the ref and Dundee settled on 35-0 as the final score.

    Arbroath vs. Bon Accord, 36-0

    As just mentioned, this match occurred on the same day just 20 miles down the road from Dundee Harp vs. Aberdeen Rovers. Bon Accord was invited to participate in the Scottish Cup as a newly formed club. 

    It’s said that Bon Accord actually arrived at the match with no standard kit or appropriate footwear. Also, centre Andrew Lornie had to play goalie because their original starter never arrived to the game. Arbroath actually scored 43 goals but seven were called offsides by referee Dave Stormont who since admitted they were valid goals. 

    A.S. Adema vs. Stade Olympique L’Emyrne, 149-0

    149-0 sounds impossible. How is there even that much time to score 149 goals in a soccer match? On Halloween of all days, AS Adema defeated Stade Olympique L’Emyrne in Madagascar. 149 goals in no result of a fair contest however, as SOE intentionally lost the game as a protest to referees for a match prior. 

    With protest in mind, SOE scored 149 own goals which is the current record in soccer. The Malagasy Football Federation suspended coach Zaka Ratsarazaka for three years and multiple players suspended for the season. Spectators demanded a refund and no punishment was given to the referee.

    The Record For Most Own Goals in a Soccer Game

    As stated above, the protest game from SOE set the record for most own-goals in a game at 149. The second-most is four with Italy’s Catania. It is a record that will almost never be broken again, unless another team decides to protest in the form of scoring on their own goal.


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