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    The 2023 NFL Draft is set to begin with the first round on Thursday, April 27 and conclude with round four, five, six and seven on Saturday, April 29. Kansas City, Missouri won hosting rights for this year’s event, as the NFL Draft now travels from city to city after being held annually in Radio City.

    Below you will find all relevant NFL Draft information such as picks, betting markets and history. Get ready for the upcoming NFL season with plenty of pools and contests as well! Use the draft to game plan your Survival or Pick’em strategies for the upcoming season!

    2023 NFL Draft Schedule

    Thursday, Apr. 27

    • Round 1 – 8:00 p.m. | NFL Network

    Friday, Apr. 28

    • Rounds 2 & 3 – 7:00 p.m. | NFL Network

    Saturday, Apr. 29

    • Rounds 4, 5, 6 & 7 – 12:00 p.m. | NFL Network

    2023 NFL Draft Order

    The Chicago Bears traded out of the first pick, as the Carolina Panthers will now be picking first overall. Below is the draft order for the first round. The Miami Dolphins have a forfeited pick in the first round. 

    1. Carolina Panthers (from Chicago)
    2. Houston Texans 
    3. Arizona Cardinals
    4. Indianapolis Colts
    5. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
    6. Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams)
    7. Las Vegas Raiders 
    8. Atlanta Falcons
    9. Chicago Bears (from Carolina)
    10. Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)
    11. Tennessee Titans 
    12. Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
    13. New York Jets
    14. New England Patriots
    15. Green Bay Packers
    16. Washington Commanders
    17. Pittsburgh Steelers
    18. Detroit Lions
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    20. Seattle Seahawks 
    21. Los Angeles Chargers
    22. Baltimore Ravens
    23. Minnesota Vikings
    24. Jacksonville Jaguars
    25. New York Giants
    26. Dallas Cowboys
    27. Buffalo Bills
    28. Cincinnati Bengals
    29. New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco)
    30. Philadelphia Eagles
    31. Kansas City Chiefs

    2023 NFL Mock Draft Predictions

    Check out the NFL Mock Draft for the first round which takes place Thursday night!

    2023 NFL Draft Position Rankings

    Check out the rankings for each of the positions entering this year’s NFL Draft!

    2023 NFL Draft No. 1 Pick Favorites

    Following the Panthers trade, it appears C.J. Stroud will be the first player taken. Still, we’ve seen crazier things happen in the NFL Draft! Houston took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, the Falcons traded for Michael Vick and the Chargers took Eli Manning only to trade him to New York. 

    • C.J. Stroud -300
    • Bryce Young +225
    • Anthony Richardson +750
    • Will Levis +5000

    2023 NFL Draft Team Picks

    Check out the picks each team has in the upcoming NFL Draft. These are obviously subject to change, as the draft typically features a heavy dose of trades. 

    Arizona Cardinals

    Total Picks: 8

    First Round: 3rd 

    Second Round: 34th 

    Third Round: 66th, 96th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 105th, 168th, 180th, 213th

    Atlanta Falcons

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 8th 

    Second Round: 44th 

    Third Round: 75th

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 110th, 113th, 159th, 224th, 225th, 245th

    Baltimore Ravens

    Total Picks: 5

    First Round: 22nd 

    Second Round: –

    Third Round: 86th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 124th, 157th, 199th

    Buffalo Bills

    Total Picks: 6

    First Round: 27th 

    Second Round: 59th 

    Third Round: 91st 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 130th, 137th, 205th

    Carolina Panthers

    Total Picks: 6

    First Round: 1st 

    Second Round: 39th 

    Third Round: 93rd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 114th, 132nd, 145th

    Chicago Bears

    Total Picks: 10

    First Round: 9th 

    Second Round: 53rd, 61st 

    Third Round: 64th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 103rd, 133rd, 136th, 148th, 218th, 258th

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Total Picks: 7

    First Round: 28th 

    Second Round: 60th 

    Third Round: 92nd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 131st, 163rd, 206th, 246th

    Cleveland Browns

    Total Picks: 8

    First Round: – 

    Second Round: 42nd

    Third Round: 98th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 111th, 126th, 140th, 142nd, 190th, 229th

    Dallas Cowboys

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 26th 

    Second Round: 58th 

    Third Round: 90th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 129th, 161st, 169th, 176th, 212th, 244th

    Denver Broncos

    Total Picks: 5

    First Round: – 

    Second Round: – 

    Third Round: 67th, 68th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 108th, 139th, 195th

    Detroit Lions

    Total Picks: 8

    First Round: 6th, 18th 

    Second Round: 48th, 55th 

    Third Round: 81st 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 152nd, 183rd, 194th

    Green Bay Packers

    Total Picks: 10

    First Round: 15th 

    Second Round: 45th 

    Third Round: 78th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 116th, 149th, 170th, 232nd, 235th, 242nd, 256th

    Houston Texans

    Total Picks: 10

    First Round: 2nd, 12th 

    Second Round: 33rd

    Third Round: 65th, 73rd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 104th, 179th, 188th, 201st, 259th

    Indianapolis Colts

    Total Picks: 8

    First Round: 4th 

    Second Round: 35th 

    Third Round: 79th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 106th, 138th, 162nd, 221st, 236th

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 24th 

    Second Round: 56th 

    Third Round: 88th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 121st, 127th, 185th, 202nd, 208th, 226th

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 31st 

    Second Round: 63rd 

    Third Round: 95th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 134th, 166th, 178th, 217th, 249th, 250th

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Total Picks: 11

    First Round: 7th 

    Second Round: 38th 

    Third Round: 70th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 109th, 141st, 144th, 174th, 204th, 214th, 220th, 231st

    Los Angeles Chargers

    Total Picks: 7

    First Round: 21st 

    Second Round: 54th

    Third Round: 85th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 125th, 156th, 200th, 239th

    Los Angeles Rams

    Total Picks: 10

    First Round: – 

    Second Round: 36th 

    Third Round: 69th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 167th, 171st, 177th, 182nd, 189th, 191st, 223rd, 251st

    Miami Dolphins

    Total Picks: 5

    First Round: – 

    Second Round: 51st 

    Third Round: 77th, 84th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 197th, 238th

    Minnesota Vikings

    Total Picks: 5

    First Round: 23rd 

    Second Round: – 

    Third Round: 87th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 119th, 158th, 211th

    New England Patriots

    Total Picks: 10

    First Round: 14th 

    Second Round: 46th 

    Third Round: 76th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 107th, 117th, 135th, 184th, 187th, 192nd, 210th

    New Orleans Saints

    Total Picks: 7

    First Round: 29th 

    Second Round: 40th 

    Third Round: 71st 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 115th, 146th, 227th, 257th

    New York Giants

    Total Picks: 11

    First Round: 25th 

    Second Round: 57th 

    Third Round: 89th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 100th, 128th, 160th, 172nd, 209th, 240th, 243rd, 254th

    New York Jets

    Total Picks: 6

    First Round: 13th 

    Second Round: 43rd 

    Third Round: 74th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 112th, 143rd, 207th

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Total Picks: 6

    First Round: 10th, 30th 

    Second Round: 62nd 

    Third Round: 94th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 219th, 248th

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Total Picks: 7

    First Round: 17th 

    Second Round: 32nd, 49th 

    Third Round: 80th 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 120th, 234th, 241st

    San Francisco 49ers

    Total Picks: 11

    First Round: – 

    Second Round: – 

    Third Round: 99th, 101st, 102nd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 155th, 164th, 173rd, 216th, 222nd, 247th, 253rd, 255th

    Seattle Seahawks

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 5th, 20th 

    Second Round: 37th, 52nd 

    Third Round: 83rd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 123rd, 154th, 198th, 237th

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Total Picks: 9

    First Round: 19th 

    Second Round: 50th 

    Third Round: 82nd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 153rd, 175th, 181st, 196th, 230th, 252nd

    Tennessee Titans

    Total Picks: 6

    First Round: 11th 

    Second Round: 41st 

    Third Round: 72nd 

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 147th, 186th, 228th

    Washington Commanders

    Total Picks: 8

    First Round: 16th 

    Second Round: 47th 

    Third Round: 97th

    Fourth-Seventh Rounds: 118th, 150th, 193rd, 215th, 233rd


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