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Start a Pool for the 2024 Olympics

  • Pick the countries you think will win the most medals
  • Points awarded for gold, silver, and bronze medals.
  • The winning roster is the one with the most points at the end of the Olympics.
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How Splash Works

Start Your Contest
Choose your game type and customize your settings. You can move your existing contest over or start a new one in just a few clicks.
Invite Your Group
Send out your invite link and get your friends or group to join your contest on your own customizable Commissioner Hub.
Splash Collects Entry Fees
When players join, we will give them the option to enter the contest via debit or credit card, ACH, Paypal or Venmo (coming soon).
Splash pays out winners and rewards you
We will hold the prize pot, score the contest and pay out winners quickly and securely. AND, you get rewarded for running your contests.

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Why 1M+ Users Love Our Pools

Easy Setup
Your pool will be up and running in minutes, ready to invite members.
No Obligation
Run your pool for free through the first week of the season.
Configuration Options
Lots of scoring and configuration options for the Administrator.
Online Pick Sheets
Members make picks online using our bullet-proof pick sheets.
Automatic Deadlines
Picks are locked down at the beginning of each week of games.
Real-time Updating
Standings and reports will be updated as games end.
Detailed Reporting
Pick summaries, weekly and year-to-date leaderboard, and more.
Private Message Board
Post your rules, trash talk, and communicate with other members

Sport Categories and Pool Formats

Running your NFL pool has never been so easy!

Regular season and Playoff formats available.

Choose from 8 different NFL football pool formats, which can be started at any point during the season.

When March rolls around, be confident that your pool host is up to the task

We offer 5 different formats for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Configurable scoring options are available.

We've got your Golf pool covered from tee to green!

Multiple pool formats with many pick and scoring options.

Whether you want to run a pool for the Majors or a weekly fantasy pool, we have a format that will meet your needs.

Keep the excitement going with a season-long NBA pool!

You can start a new pool at any time during the season!

We simplify everything for not just your members, but you as well. Just spend a few minutes setting up your pool, selecting a few options, inviting members and viola! You'll have a full NBA season's worth of fun at your fingertips.

The easiest way to run your pool this Baseball Season

You can start a new pool at any time during the season!

While America's past time isn't traditionally associated with office pools, we currently offers four great baseball pool formats to choose from.

Your College Bowl pool doesn't have to feel like hard work

We'll lighten your workload and help you enjoy Bowl Season.

Make sure you're ready when the puck drops with our NHL Hockey Pools

Regular season and playoff formats available.

Run your Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket pool online this year. Our customizable scoring system allows for flexibility for the Pool Commissioner.

From group play to the knockout stage, we make it easy to run your Football (American Soccer) pool!

Run your World Cup or Euro Championship pool with us!

Enjoy the Awards Season with your own private Oscars Pool

Run it for friends & family, your office, or your clients.

One of the most watched television events of the year.

Go for the Gold!
Available for both the Summer and Winter Olympics

Create a roster of countries you think will have the best medal count.

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