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    Typically, I don’t condone Raymond Felton slander, but I’ll let this one slide.

    I know this is going to happen to me at one point, but I don’t understand why people bother to have takes on the internet anymore. You’re going to contradict yourself eventually, and you’re going to get caught doing it.



    Coming off an incredible week of Chuck content, he’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    I’ll never get sick of final score memes.

    Kevin Durant fears nothing.

    As a Celtics fan, there’s nothing I love more than watching Daniel Theis play drop coverage on a pick and roll on the greatest shooter to ever touch a basketball.

    I got you tonight.

    This tour is going to be a fantastic mess.

    One of my favorite things about watching the Warriors is when Draymond gets his first tech and then essentially dares the refs to give him a second one for the rest of the game. Never gets old!

    Have a great week, everyone.


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