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    Over the last year, you may have noticed more than a few changes here at RunYourPool. 

    We’ve updated the website’s look and feel. We’ve made it easier to create and join pools.  We’ve added more games and more sports. We’ve improved our customer service by leaps and bounds (e.g., a direct chat to a real team of humans). Essentially, we’ve tried our best to make the entire experience of running and playing pools as fun as possible.

    We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and in that time, we’ve mostly grown by word of mouth alone. We know how important it is to get it right for you, our loyal customer.

    So for that, the vast majority of these changes haven’t been decided lightly. They’ve come as the result of scouring over surveys and long interviews with our wonderful community. It’s safe to say, you all know what you want – we do our best to make it happen.

    And as part of those improvements, we’ve now taken an important step in improving our antiquated pricing model. 

    The top-line changes are as follows:

    No More Tiers

    We’re shifting to a per-player basis. Instead of the former tier-based system, which often required commissioners to pick who among their family and friends they wanted in their pools — or to wait to see what tier they were going to land in before paying. Now, if you’ve got 31 people in your pool? Get them to chip in $1 each and that’ll cover your cost. It will now be $31 for 31 entries, not $50 like in the past system. Plus, no more worrying about which tier you’re in. Simply invite as many people as you want.

    Better Pool Size Volume Discounts

    For commissioners of bigger pools who’ve received volume discounts, don’t worry, we haven’t scrapped volume discounts. We’ve simplified those, too. Consult the chart on our new pricing page for any questions there.

    And perhaps our biggest news:

    Pools of 15 Entries or Less are Free!

    For those who aren’t as familiar with our game types, or are unable/unsure of how big of a group you can get together, this is a way for you to join our community and see the magic of how pools bring us all together. Now, we won’t start charging for a pool until it’s 16 entries deep (with the exception of squares pools and NFL 33). So if you’ve never started a pool before, go try it out with no risk. And for those of you who are familiar with us, try a new game type or sport — even if you can’t get 500 people to join.

    That’s Not All!

    Over the coming weeks, stay tuned. We will be adding a variety of new features, including chat (which will add a whole new social experience to game day!). We also have more fun in store that we can’t quite comment on yet, but you can always rest assured that in the end we will be looking out for you, our beautiful customer.


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