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    If you’re still on the market, it might be time to find yourself a new home in the league.

    We now find ourselves nestled in between mandatory minicamp week and the late July start to NFL preseason training camps. It’s the last call for free agents that have been left on the clearance rack for a bit too long.

    Before they get moved off of the shelves for purchase all together, let’s make sense of where they might land just in time to show they still belong on Sundays in the fall.

    How High Will You DHop?

    The last big name free agent that’s getting the media circus treatment as he conducts team visits in wideout Deandre Hopkins.

    DHop’s most prominent visits include a very submissive Titans team that rolled out the red carpet and fancy limos. His trip to New England was likely much more business-filled with film, Bill Belichick parables and mending fences with former coach Bill O’Brien.

    Pats fans like myself seem to have had the DHop signing at the one yard line after he posted from inside the Patriots locker with the caption “la familia”, but it’s been virtually radio silent since he left his Foxboro visit. It’s crickets for now, until the breaking news sounder hits on this one. It doesn’t seem like DHop is in a big rush to choose his landing spot.

    Where Will Dalvin Get To Cook?

    There’s been an ongoing narrative amongst NFL fans that former Vikings RB Dalvin Cook is one of the more underutilized backs in the league.

    Well, now is the exact time for him to prove that whenever he ends up landing. The recently released Cook seems optimistic about his football future, but doesn’t appear to be rushing at the first opportunity coming his way.

    Potential suitors seem to be lining up, and would you blame them? Statistically, it’s confusing to see a back be cut after his fourth straight 1,000 yard season on the ground but here we are.

    Don’t worry Vikings fans – you’ve got Kirk Cousins to save the day for you like he never does. Best fits for Cook appear to be in Tampa Bay, Miami, or Denver to complement year two of Russell Wilson’s era in Broncos Country.

    Clowning Around

    We’re just two seasons removed from Jadeveon Clowney’s nine sack season, but 2022 took a 180 degree turn from that impressive output in 2021.

    Philosophical differences and issues with Browns coaching staff basically had Clowney shooting himself out of town by the end of last season, and now he’s out on the market for maybe longer than he might’ve thought.

    We’re in June and the current suitor for Clowney is within the division in Baltimore. The Ravens re-inked Lamar, brought in a bunch of talent on offense and reworked their front seven.

    So a part time opportunity within the AFC North could be inevitable for the punishing pass rusher that still has at least a quarter tank left. 

    Run It Back With Zeke?

    The biggest brand name back whose value is bordering on liquidation status is former Cowboys back Ezekiel Elliott.

    At the start of free agency he was let go by the team that drafted him, as they went all in on the younger, flashier and more reliable Tony Pollard. From there, teams came and went through the spring and did not find an agreement with Zeke.

    Now we sit dangerously close to the start of preseason action, and there’s not much movement on Elliott’s free agency front outside of, Dallas?

    Yes, really.

    First ,the suggestion came from former Cowboy Dez Bryant on Twitter. Now the idea of Jerry Jones BRINGING BACK Elliott is fully mainstream. I can’t say there’s too much precedent for a player of his star caliber. But as the clock ticks, it becomes more and more realistic.

    Randoms On The Shelf

    Marcus Peters – The standout corner is still available, shockingly! It sounds like Vegas might be his next bet in the NFL.

    Kareem Hunt – It feels like his best days in Kansas City and Cleveland were decades ago, not a couple of years ago.

    Leonard Fournette – Two years removed from a Super Bowl with the Bucs, Playoff Lenny could be a mid-season bruiser to a depleted running back unit.

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