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    New “I’m trying Jennifer” just dropped.

    The Stanley Cup takes as much damage every year as the Lombardi Trophy does whenever it’s in Gronk’s hands.

    Trying to explain to my girlfriend that the cartons of Marlboro Reds I just bought are to improve my golf game.

    If you’ve never seen that original tweet before, I can 100% guarantee you it’s nothing close to what you’re expecting. Google “Terry Rozier tall tweet” and see for yourself.

    I’ve heard they have a great buffet.

    Waiting until Kyrie opted in to request a trade is next-level diabolical. We’re watching a master at work.

    How many times do you think this exact conversation happened over the 4th of July weekend?

    Nothing says Big Ten football like sunny California!

    I’ll just leave this one here.

    What a run for Brooklyn’s Big 3!


    This one got me.

    Honestly, I feel bad for Drew Lock for catching that stray. I’m sure he was trying to enjoy his weekend like the rest of us.

    People: “Competitive eating isn’t a real sport.”

    Joey Chestnut: “Hold my mustard.”

    Have a great week, everyone.


    What's On Tap: The Scottish Open


    What If: We Blew Up the NCAA and Restarted From Scratch?

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