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    By Alex Lauzon from the “Course of Life” podcast

    Think you know Hollywood and the entertainment industry? The only way to find out is to bet on it.

    I seem to have struck a chord with celebrity-fixated betters out there as I broke down the betting favorites to be Tom and Gisele’s next suitor. Admit it – we’re all suckers for some good ol’ fashioned tabloid drama every once in a while. If we can just encapsulate that TMZ energy into a betting pool, how much fun would that be? Who’s dating who, how long will they last, and who’s going to win (fill in the blank) awards are constant water bubbler convos that reverberate through our group texts, office slack boards, and daily feeds. Time to put your money where your gossip mouth is.

    Imagine a betting pool with the group text that’s going off every day solely dedicated to celebrity breaking news and what hits our Twitter trending topics. This could be you now, and with the plethora of amazingly obscure celebrity dating and event odds out there, you can make Hollywood your own personal casino. Let’s wet your appetite with some current betting lines across the entertainment industry that are totally real and here for debate.

    Seriously – RYP has completely customizable pools to make this a reality.

    Ben + J-Lo Part 2 – How long will it last? 

    This is a twist on the classic “over/under” points total bet for any sporting event, except the betting line is based on how long a celebrity relationship lasts. The Bennifer relationship resumption (17 years after its initial breakup) certainly was a Hollywood Woj-bomb headline in 2021. Oddsmakers currently have the over/under on the duration of Bennifer Part 2 set for January 1 of 2025. Think they last another 2+ years? J-Lo’s track record would suggest otherwise.

    Pick: Under (before) 1/1/25

    Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

    Tom + Gisele – What’s Next?

    As eloquently as I broke down the betting field for who Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s next suitor will be, there’s another angle for betters to take on the future of this marriage on the rocks. We got the divorce news, but what bombshell drops next for these two? Do they announce a reconciliation, as is the current betting favorite to occur? Does Tom announce a Presidential run (currently at about 50-1 odds on my last check)? You could even be brutal with the pick’em and just see which one rebounds the fastest with their new suitor, head to head.
    Pick: Tom Dates First -120

    Academy Awards – Who’s taking home an Oscar?

    The Oscars aren’t handed out until March, but it’s never too early for some award show buzz and making early calls on movies we loved in 2022. There’s already a laundry list of bets available for Best Actor, Actress, Picture, and Director for Hollywood’s biggest night. Lay claim to an early call for the ages and lock in a winner! Currently, for best actor, Brendan Fraser in “The Whale” is an overwhelming favorite at -150 odds, with Austin Butler playing “Elvis” as my pick at +300 to win. Thank you very much. Now go turn award show nights into a money-making enterprise.

    Pick: Austin Butler – “Elvis” +300

    James Bond – Who’s the Next Bond?

    One of Hollywood’s most prized roles is at the end of an era, as Daniel Craig is hanging up the suit and handing back the golden gun for good. With that comes a flurry of rumors, gossip, and betting opportunities on who his successor will be. Some of the current odds-on favorites include English actor Tom Hardy, James Norton, Henry Cavill, and Idris Elba. If you want to bet on a break from the norm, Any Female is an option at +1100 odds as well, and even Harry Styles is a longshot pick as the next Agent 007.

    Pick: Henry Cavill + 375

    AP Photo/Matt Dunham

    Stranger Things – First Word of Season 5

    Yes, you have that right betters – odds are out for which character will utter the FIRST WORD of the upcoming season 5 of the hit Netflix series. Now, being a sports nut living under a rock I’m not the Stranger Things expert needed for proper analysis, but I did check the transcripts. Will and Mike seem to open most of the seasons in dialogue, yet they’re positioned at +800 and +1200 underdogs respectively to utter the first words of the season – interesting. The favorites are Eleven at +275 odds (even I know her) and Max at +350. Regardless of who the pick is, it brings the anticipation through the roof for next season’s premier in 2023.

    Pick: Max +350

    Ted Lasso

    Hear me out here – we’ve reached a new high (or low depending on your attitude) in betting. You can make a pick on the winner of the Premier League…WITHIN the Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso.” We’re totally betting on sports within fictional tv shows in 2022, get with the times. The betting line is actually pretty dead even on whether AFC Richmond does it or if it’s West Ham United’s turn, and now we can turn our streaming couch time into money.

    Pick: AFC Richmond -110

    That’s just a sampling of what is possible in an entertainment prop bet pool. If this speaks to you right now, make it happen and create your own custom pool today!


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