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    By Alex Lauzon from the “Course of Life” podcast


    The biggest American sporting event of the year is here, and an estimated 100 million or more will be watching or streaming SB 57 from Glendale, Arizona to their homes. Now, I’m not too ignorant to understand that not every one of those 100 million viewers is fully engaged in the Eagles’ offensive performance on first down, or what schemes the Chiefs draw up to move the ball, so for everyone that’s just half watching and waiting for something exciting to happen, this one’s for you.

    I love the spreads and the Over/Under and my full game preview covers all of that, but the uniqueness of the Super Bowl for bettors is found in the seemingly unending amount of prop bets laid out for us to consume and enjoy. Most of these prop bets actually have nothing to do with football, but more so surrounding the chaos and entertainment of the day. We’re totally here for that, so without further ado let’s win some money on some weird stuff to bet on. 

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    National Anthem Length – O/U 124.5 seconds

    One of my favorite conversation pieces every Super Bowl week is the discussion around betting the over/under on the anthem run time. First and foremost we must analyze the singer, Chris Stapleton. While the “Tennessee Whiskey” crooner is known for dragging out his lyrics, he’s not necessarily the guy to hold a note for more than 3-5 seconds. Due to that important caveat, I like the Under as he’ll keep it right on the train tracks and won’t stray from the script too much. “Home of the brave” won’t stretch the way you need it to for over bettors.

    Alex’s Play: Under 124.5 seconds

    Coin Toss – EVEN

    This is the easiest piece of journalism I will ever pen – Tails Never Fails, and tails is due to hit this year. The toss has been heads the last two games, and more importantly, Tails has been almost a lock in recent Super Bowls played in Arizona. So due.

    Alex’s Play: TAILS +100


    First Commercial – Doritos (EVEN) vs. M&M’s (-140)

    The game has begun, but the real fun begins with betting on the commercials in-game. Ad space runs companies about $7 million per 30 seconds, and yes you can bet on what commercials show, and even which show first. There’s a plethora of heads to heads out there but my favorite matchup features two classic American snacks Doritos and M&M’s. My money here is with Doritos as the slight favorite, mainly because in light of the recent M&M news/controversy I think they look towards a more valuable 3rd or 4th quarter slot for their biggest PR moment of 2023. Stick with the chips to show first.

    Alex’s Play: Doritos (EVEN)

    Halftime Show – First and Last Song Performed

    As the players head to the locker room for an extended halftime of 25 minutes, the stage is rolled out and set for pop sensation Rihanna to roll through her catalog of vibey hits for about 12 minutes. Out of the gate, I love for Rihanna to lead in with “Diamonds” – it’s a celebratory anthem with an epic intro, and salutes the diamonds on the field at SB57. As for the finale, you have to think she closes with “Don’t Stop The Music”, as the title really says it all. 

    Alex’s Play: First Song – Diamonds +400, Last Song Don’t Stop the Music +500

    Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

    Halftime Show – Cameo

    If you know one Rihanna song, it’s likely her 2008 hit “Umbrella” which will surely be a part of the halftime show. I expect it to be 3-4 songs in and establish her prominence, and it’s led off by an intro verse from Jay-Z. There’s been stories run on Jay-Z “helping” out his longtime protege Rihanna with the show dynamics, so he is my pick to make a cameo on stage, albeit for about 15-20 seconds.

    Alex’s Play: Jay-Z -200

    How Many Times will Roger Goodell Be Shown

    You can also just bet on what is seen or talked about on the sidelines as well. It’s important to know that the over/under here is 1.5 occurrences – so he’ll have to be shown on the broadcast twice for the over to hit (from kickoff to final whistle, postgame does not count). While his face will hit the pregame and postgame festivities, I bet he’s only shown once in the crowd watching with his wife from the nicest box in the stadium

    Alex’s Play: Under 1.5


    Winning Team Gatorade Color

    A classic prop to have action on here, as the Gatorade bath for the winning coach can be your next big-ticket win. For the Chiefs’ last SB win in 2020, it was orange, and for the Eagles’ last championship bath, it was yellow Gatorade..or is it green? You can have that debate with your couch crew, but the choice is really based on who you like. Orange (+350) and Yellow/Green (+400) are the two top favorites.

    Alex’s Play: Orange +350

    BONUS: Who does Super Bowl MVP Thanks First?

    While Teammates is the favorite here, the MVP often is too overwhelmed to think of anyone on the field of play.

    Alex’s Play: God +150

    AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

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    Pregame Reminders

    1. Pace yourself (you know what I mean)
    2. Butt in seat 15 minutes before kickoff for our National Anthem Bets (more on that next week)
    3. Don’t touch the remote


    The Starters: Chips and Cowboy Queso (with Chorizo), and a veggie tray featuring green and reds in honor of our teams.

    The Main Course: To honor each city’s cuisine, it will be Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls and Grilled Meats with Kansas City BBQ Sauce

    The Munchie: Loaded Tater Tots, always a crowd favorite


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