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    Some sports fans are hardcore to say the least. Passion makes sports special, as fans are the main source of that passion. Sometimes that passion turns to hate however, as fans enjoy rooting against teams as much as they do rooting for their teams. 

    The NFL has millions of fans worldwide, and is the most popular sport in America. Some of the most intense rivalries in sports live in the NFL. The Browns and Ravens, the Colts and Ravens, the Steelers and Ravens… a lot of Raven rivalries. 

    Success of franchises also segues hate on certain clubs, such as the New England Patriots. Others look to team fans as a reason why they love to hate certain teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s go through the most hated NFL teams and why fans might love to root against them.

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    Most Hated NFL Teams

    Popularity, success and annoying fans are just some reasons why people love to root against NFL teams. Here are the most hated NFL teams.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    This seems very recent, as the Tom Brady hatred magnet shifted from New England to Tampa Bay when No. 12 left for Florida. The Buccaneers also have hatred outside the NFL fanbase with the Glazer family, who owns them. 

    There have been many controversial moves from the ownership group, but most of it comes from overseas in the Premier League. The family owns Manchester United which has been countlessly protested by the local fanbase. A notorious ownership group mixed with the most ‘love to hate’ NFL player of all time is a large reason NFL fans love to root against Tampa Bay. 

    Dallas Cowboys

    How much time do you have? Where to begin. The fans aren’t the easiest to get along with, as most Cowboys fans (not all) will be the first and last to tell you how great the team is. Sometimes teams can back it up, but we’re not in the 90’s anymore. The Cowboys haven’t had any reason to celebrate in decades, other than a few playoff wins. 

    Besides fans bragging for no apparent reason other than past success, the owner Jerry Jones doesn’t help either. Jones is one of the best owners to play for, but one of the most hated by fans. Why? Some Dallas fans feel he is too involved, and others don’t care for how he parades his team around like a circus. It’s great for making money, but the championship success has seemingly dipped as a result. 

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers are actually somewhat likable compared to the most successful NFL teams, as Mike Tomlin is one of the most beloved coaches currently around. Pittsburgh’s fans are not the worst either, but more than likely the main catalyst for a lot of hate. The fan base travels very well, and anyone hosting the Steelers will become easily annoyed to see their fans take over the ‘home field advantage’.

    Also, the Steelers have beaten a lot of good teams to win multiple championships. The Cowboys are a prime example, as Pittsburgh prevented the Boys from winning championships in the past. With the number of championships in Pittsburgh, a lot of enemies have been made. 

    New England Patriots

    Much like Pittsburgh, the hate for New England seems to stem from the success behind Tom Brady. With Brady gone the level of hate for New England has slightly dipped, but NFL fans still root against the Patriots. They won seven championships and went to countless Super Bowls. In layman’s terms, NFL fans are sick of seeing them. 

    New York Jets

    Jets fans don’t make rooting for this team any easier, but you also feel bad for them at the same time. Most of the frustration for the Jets actually comes from their front office, with countless head scratching draft picks, coaching hires and free agent signings. The Jets front office moves are so frustrating at times that it actually irritates non-Jets fans. 

    Green Bay Packers

    If you thought Tom Brady was the most hated quarterback in the NFL let me introduce you to Aaron Rodgers. His success is a main reason fans don’t like him, sick of seeing him and the Packers much like the Steelers and Patriots. However, Rodgers has a notorious reputation off the field that other quarterbacks don’t. Most of the NFL fans hate Rodgers more than the Packers, and probably don’t even associate their hate with Green Bay

    New Orleans Saints

    The annoying chants of ‘Who Dat?’ echo through every stadium the Saints play in, home or away. Passion is good and brings life to sports, but for opposing team fans the Saints have some of the most arrogant and annoying fans. Which again, is wonderful for New Orleans and the Saints but terrible for everyone else.

    To make matters worse, their former head coach Sean Payton was actually suspended a full season for bountygate. Also, their owner Tom Benson has had questionable situations arise in the past. Regardless, the Saints have been the most loved and most hated teams at different points throughout their existence and the passionate fans are a big reason as to why. 

    Washington Commanders

    Probably the most hated team is currently the Washington Commanders. Aside from a terrible name change, the owner Dan Snyder is probably the least liked person in the NFL by fans outside Roger Goodell. Synder has multiple situations arising from his time owning the club, none of it good – from lawsuits to workplace allegations, the list is long. 

    What Does It Take To Be Part of the Most Hated Teams?

    The reasons fans hate teams is almost like a backhanded compliment, or a certain sign of respect. As mentioned above, team success is a large reason why fans hate teams. Most fans don’t mind successful teams if the quarterback is likable however. 

    Arrogant fan bases are another reason teams are hated by others. Loud and obnoxious fans bring passion and life that’s needed, but it rubs others the wrong way. Hands on owners, or owners with sketchy pasts, also seem to be a target for NFL fan hatred. 


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